Solar Power Countryside

Carbrook – Solar Power Countryside

Carbrook is a semi-rural area in Southeast Queensland Australia close to Moreton Bay. This is an assessment for existing and potential Solar power in the area.

  • Carbrook is situated about 8 miles to south east of Logan City. From Brisbane the distance is about 23 miles to the south. Carbrook is primarily acreage area dotted with nature reserves and conservation parks all around. The Carbrook wetlands conservation park 1 is contained within the center of this locality. It also contains some parts of the Carbrook wetlands conservation park 2, although most of it lies in the neighboring Redland Bay area. The southern border runs in its entirety along the Logan River.


  • The real estate in this area is centered on acreage homes or large houses with extended lawns and open spaces. For supplies and shopping requirements, most people residing in this area go to neighboring areas of Cornubia and Logan city. Although land releases are rare, understandably due to environmental concerns, they do happen from time to time.



  • As is the case with most areas in the south east of Queensland, Carbrook receives a good dose of sunshine throughout the year. Solar Power in Carbrook will generate enough power to meet the local needs of energy consumption, but it will be centered mostly on providing supplementary power for farms and acreage homes for now.

Some of the farms and homes already have solar panels installed to supplement power drawn from grid lines, but with development coming to the surrounding areas, the opportunities for solar power in Carbrook can definitely grow.

Due to developments in areas around Logan City, real estate prices will go up from their current standing. Carbrook can become the scenic weekend home for city dwellers or the semi-rural escape for people who want to live that life, but not too far away from an urban center.. For farm and house owners living there, it is an incentive to live peacefully among natural surroundings. Tourism will also grow as this area houses nature reserves, golf courses and of course the beach is just a few miles away.

If land release is cleared then Carbrook can act as a potential power generator for surrounding areas by putting up solar arrays to produce electricity on a mass scale. However that seems unlikely right now.

With the right steps and encouragement, solar power in Carbrook can be stepped up to almost all homes and properties in the area, and if there are any redevelopments then the older properties must be upgraded with solar power.

If the tourism industry takes off in a bigger way in here, then all of the newer facilities could have solar power installed. Even some of the older ones could take up the opportunity to reduce costs for themselves as businesses in the long run.

If a strategic approach is taken for encouraging solar power in Carbrook, the possibility of altogether eliminating the need for power from conventional grid lines can be achieved. Solar power can help preserve the natural beauty and the flora and fauna in this area and also bring revenue by attracting of holiday makers with the charm of the same.

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