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Light up your homes and your entire community with Solar Power Chandler. You will feature in the highlights. The abundance of sunshine makes solar power an automatic alternative choice. Bid goodbye to costly, polluting, unreliable conventional electricity. Make the most of electricity from solar power. Let Queensland Solar and Lighting Company, the solar technology experts, show you the way to get the best..


About Chandler

Chandler is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This suburb is located at a distance of around 14 kilometres to the east of the Central Business District of Brisbane. Chandler consists mostly of acreage residential properties. The suburb was named after Sir John Beals Chandler. It has a semi rural setting. Chandler is also well known for its Sleeman Sports Complex.


Chandler and Solar Power

Generation of Solar Power Chandler requires the installation of solar panels which take up space estimated at around 15 square metres to 40 square metres depending upon the capacity proposed to be installed. With the presence of largely acreage properties, space would not be a constraint for adoption of solar power by home owners. And solar power has other benefits too.


Installing Solar Power

  • One of the advantages of Solar Power Chandler is that it gives you free electricity. Once the solar power system has been installed there are no recurring costs to be incurred for the generation of electricity. On cloudy days or during the winter months, your Solar Power Chandler may not meet all your household requirements and then you will need to draw power from the grid. But every unit of power less you draw from th grid is money saved;
  • The solar power system will include a ‘net’ meter which will measure all the electricity that is generated by Solar Power Chandler. Any electricity generated by the solar powr system that is not immediately consumed by the household flows back through to ‘net’ meter. The electricity is then supplied to the grid;
  • When the billing cycle is ended, the electricity bill will afford you a credit for any electricity that has been supplied to the grid. In this way you are able to curtail your electricity costs;
  • In the event that the electricity supplied exceeds the electricity consumed during the billing cycle, the bill will show a net credit, This credit is valid for a period of one year. Within that period, the credit must be set off against electricity consumption from the grid;
  • The electricity meter installed by your retailer will run backward when you are supplying electricity to the grid and forward when you are consuming electricity from the grid;
  • Solar Power Chandler dovetails beautifully with the overall economics. Electricity generated by solar power is the maximum in summer when the sun shines brightest. This is also the time of year when demand for electricity from the grid peaks and so do rates. Solar Power Chandler hedges against steep summer rates and may even help you to earn valuable credits;


In Conclusion

It’s time for you to feature in the highlights with Solar Power Chandler.


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