Solar power brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Solar Power Brisbane


Australia is looking to harness renewable energy to reduce the dependency on conventional energy sources which are fast getting depleted. The various  alternate sources of energy which are emerging are Wind energy , BioGas, BioMass and Hydro electric , but amongst all the one picking up most in popularity is Solar energy.

In a place like Australia which is known for sunny skies during all seasons summer as well as winter, converting the solar energy into electricity brings about a lot of savings in the electricity bill. This is also environment friendly and hence the government is doing all it can to assist people in the move.

Solar Power in Brisbane

In Brisbane which gets a lot of sun all during the day and the intensity of light is also good, many residential and commercial buildings have moved towards Solar panels. The advantages of these are multifold, key amongst them being –

1)    Reduction in the energy bills and ensuring keeping the bills in control with growing electricity costs.

2)    Availing rebates on using renewable energy.

3)    Being more environmental friendly by reducing the depletion of fossil energy.

4)    Getting credit on the electricity bill for excess energy generated and fed back into the grid.

5)    Having the advantage of a low maintenance high performance solar panel installation which comes with long term warranty.

QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD Solar and Lighting has been a well known name in the solar field. They started off with installations in Queensland and since then have spread their operations across other cities in Australia , some of them being Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria, Goldcoast and Brisbane to name a few.

QLD offers solutions in solar from suggesting the best panels and systems to installations and post installation services. They have experience of having done many successful installations in Brisbane and enjoy a rich clientele across both residential as well as commercial.

Advantages of going Solar with QLD Solar and Lighting

Since many players have entered this field of Solar energy , it is important for customers to go ahead with a trusted name who will deliver the best result in terms of product and services. This company has many advantages which it gives to customers some of them being:

  1. A good view of all Solar panel brands available along with their strengths and weaknesses which makes it easier to suggest the best fit for the customer.
  2. Detailed understanding of the output efficiencies of all the panels available and only use top class products in their installations.
  3. Experienced staff and technicians who have done many installations.
  4. A commitment to customers to offer only the best products which suit the energy requirements and space availability.
  5. Good customer service network across Brisbane.
  6. A streamlined process of making the move to solar fast and efficient for the Customer.

So if you are looking for going the solar way and are based in Brisbane, just contact the QLD Solar and Lighting company by asking for a quote on our website and be assured of premium services.


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