Solar power Assessment for Eagleby

Solar power Assessment for Eagleby


Eagleby is a suburb within the local government area of Logan city and is the candidate for the study of possibilities in the field of solar power in the area.

  • Location – Eagleby is located about 7 miles southeast of Logan City and about 21 miles south of Brisbane. The entire area is marked by the M1 Pacific Motorway in the south, the Logan River in the west, northwest and north and the Albert River in the east and the northeast. It is bordered by Cornubia, Carbrook, Alberton, Stapylton, Yatala, Mount Warren Park, Beenleigh and Loganholme. The confluence of the Albert River and the Logan River are at the northeastern boundary of the locality.


  • Real Estate – Areas close to the M1 Pacific Motorway and generally in the south west of this area are highly developed. There are undeveloped patches to the north and the northeast but generally this area is packed suburban real estate. The last census showed a population of about 12000 individuals and most of them live along the south and southwest.

    There are commercial estates in the south a little further away from the suburban homes and some to the north east as well. Eagleby is home to the Beenleigh distillery, which has the distinction of being the oldest rum distillery registered in Australia. It is still operational where it stands by the banks of the Albert River since commencing operations in 1884.

    The areas in the north east are still undeveloped, primarily due to the threat of flooding as the flow of both Albert and Logan Rivers merge there.

    Property prices range from about 250,000 Australian dollars to about 500,000 Australian dollars depending on the area and what is being offered. There are very cramped suburban homes in the center of the southern Eagleby. There is also a fair amount of redevelopment which opens up older properties for sale. This is a great area to exploit for solar power in Eagleby.


  • Solar Potential – This area offers many opportunities for solar power development, given that they are handled and approached intelligently. Suburban homes especially old can be encouraged by effective marketing campaigns for solar power. Newer homes after redevelopment can include solar power integrated.

    Business parks and areas also can take advantage of solar power as there are a few open sites close to the Albert River near the distillery. The area to the north east can be developed into solar power arrays to power the area or surrounding areas. This can be done by putting up platforms and then installing the arrays so that even if flooding occurs the equipment can be out of harm’s way.

    The public area like sports complexes and shopping areas, which are many in Eagleby can also benefit from solar power installed in the premises or from arrays by tapping into it and reducing intake from the conventional power grid.

There is opportunity for solar power in Eagleby and it should be taken up through a well thought out campaign. Designing solar power for specific areas to meet their energy needs is the need of the hour and it can get a great start in places like Eagleby.


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