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Welcome to Queensland Solar and Lighting on the Internet. We have had this website in operation since 2012, and have since helped thousands of happy Brisbane families to start benefiting from solar power installation on their homes and businesses in the region.

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This website has been designed by myself who has worked with a few reputable solar installers in the South East Queensland region and ACT for over 7 years now . We know solar power in Brisbane through and through.

Queensland Solar and lighting has been involved with the installation of thousands of solar systems in the Brisbane region since 2011. We know what people from Brisbane and surrounding regions wish to expect from their solar power installation, whether it be on their home or business.

The Queensland Solar & Lighting Team

Our Brisbane Solar power team consists of 1 solar salesman, 2 x Install crew, and one CEO.

We are all Full-blown Agnostic and atheist creatures. It’s safe to say that you will not find us taking part in too many of these installations.

The Scumbag Salesman

The Salesman, his name is Scott.

Call him a Scumbag, call him anything you like, just don’t call him late for dinner.

Scott has worked with Queensland Solar & Lighting for over 4 years now. He is a good and honest (well as honest as a salesman can be) man who has helped hundreds of customers with their solar purchase over the years.

You can contact him on 0431 094 756, or email


The Solar electricians and install crew

Our two install crew have been with us for a long time.

You will either Get Ron’s crew (been with us since March 2016) or Ryan’s install team (been with us since February 2017) – That’s it!

How many complaints about our install and service? 0 yet. And hopefully 0 in the future. We pride ourselves on doing a good job, and always ensuring the customer is happy.


The C.E.O

The CEO is Daniel (A.K.A Alan). He is very approachable. You can also contact him if you would like a quote for solar power.

Have you got any issues ever you can contact him on 0411 348 400 or email How’s that for confidence?

Pricing For Solar Panels In Brisbane



We know that you get a few quotes off various solar power companies in Brisbane, who all bizarrely claim that it is in fact THEM that sell the best solar panels Brisbane has to offer.

solar panels brisbane
Dont Pay too much or too little for Solar Panels in Brisbane

The price solar panel systems in Brisbane and surrounding regions in 2018 still varies greatly!

Amazingly there are still companies out there going around door to door, with solar door-to-door appointment setters, for the sneaky snaky solar salesman shark.

This sneaky slippery solar salesman will pop around, greet you like a sly bastard for 2 hours, and turn the cheese right up.

These Sly bastards of salesmen sit down at the family dining table, enjoying a couple of beverages with the ever inviting husband and wife of the home, who have no idea that this slippery gypsy is about to ask for nearly $20,000 for a 5 kW system at the end of his exhausting two-hour solar presentation.

Expensive solar panels brisbane
Do not let one of these guys near your Brisbane home! He is trying to sell you expensive solar panels!

The reason why this happens, (when I say this, I mean solar systems still being sold for upwards of $15,000), usually with Certegy finance, is because these customers are what is called an, ‘exclusive solar lead’ – meaning that the couple were doing nothing one afternoon when a solar door-to-door appointment set up came knocking at the door and just politely asked, are you at all interested in a free solar system quote for your house?’

Now this couple has seen all the neighbours in the street put on solar panels over the years and thought, ‘yeah sure why not, we’ll look into this. After all, it’s a free quote.’

These potential customers are now the golden solar power system lead that all solar power companies wish for. Unsuspecting husband-and-wife, who agreed to both be home at the same time and have the coffee freshly brewed for a good old-fashioned chinwag about the installation of solar panels Brisbane and the benefits they can provide.

This husband-and-wife has not had the chance to look over the latest copy of Friday flyer, done a quick search on the Internet for ‘solar panels Brisbane prices’. They haven’t even bothered to check older ‘Alan, next door’ and see what he paid for his solar system that was installed just over six months ago. – No. they have no idea, no idea at all on what the price of a solar panel system in Brisbane should be!

So, in fact they are entitled to think that a 5kw or 6 kW solar panel system in Brisbane should be a very good buy at $15,000 with fortnightly certainty payments over 40 months at $175. – Crazy!

solar panels brisbane salesman
We all know this guy…

There are solar panel companies in Brisbane who are equally as bad that sell the systems too cheap. “How can this be bad do you ask?”
and I say, “when has the cheapest ever been the best? Ever?”
We have all heard the phrase ‘cheap crap’ or ‘ you get what you pay for’, and ‘ a poor man pays twice!’

These phrases have never meant more ever, in the whole history since they have been first coined, than when it comes to solar panels Brisbane.

If you get five solar quotes, and all are within a few hundred dollars of each other but there is one that stands out like dog balls, and is a crazy $1000 or more cheaper than the rest, do not get this system! Simply, there is a reason for this. It is not as good as the other solar systems other Brisbane companies are selling. I promise you this!

How can so many solar panel companies all claim to sell the best product on the market?

I will tell you the trick here.

Have you noticed that they all sell a different panel and inverter to each other – well mostly.

You may find that they all sell the same quality inverters, such as the SMA Sunny boy, Fronius Primo, perhaps even offer an Enphase micro inverter solar system too, but they will all pretty much be selling a different solar panel brand to go with that good inverter.

Does this sound like the nonsense dished out to you from a solar salesmen trying to sell solar panels in Brisbane?

They all do this so they have leverage to bag out and rubbish a competitors panel, simply because it is not theirs and they don’t sell it. This makes it very easy to say ‘ours is better than that panel, because it is made in this part of China, rather than that part of China.’ or some other similar garbage, such as,  ‘Our panel has an office in Sydney, Australia, that panel has an office in Melbourne, Australia – MELBOURNE IS FURTHER AWAY!’

Blah blah blah blah blah,

“Our panel came third in the photon test in Germany – GERMANY in Europe! – Their panel only came second in testing in USA – USA is not as good as Germany when it comes to solar panel testing!”

Blah blah blah blah blah.  – Nonsense like this has the customer thinking – ‘Shut the hell up you imbecile! Do you know how stupid you sound right now?!’

How can all the Brisbane solar power companies who offer solar power systems be so ruthless when addressing customers?

Greed. Money and greed.

You need to remember these solar salesmen are usually on a commission only and every time they win a sale over a competitor, that’s money going into their pocket.

Some Brisbane Solar companies work hard for their money and offer a great solar installation service, and take great pride in care with the customers after sale service – they will take care of the customer if there is any issues that do arise with the solar system. Whether it be a faulty inverter, or simply just to pop out and check up on the customer’s solar system if it has been suspected to be not working as good as is expected or customer has a query. – This is What we do at QLD SOLAR AND LIGHTING – I Promise you this!

Experienced Installers Of All Types Of Solar Panels in Brisbane

What makes a very good solar panel installation company is first and foremost, experience.

If you have no experience then it doesn’t matter how cheap you got the solar system for, or how good the panels and inverters and isolators and all the gear that they use to install the system with is – At the end of the day, if the installers are poorly experienced with installing solar panels in Brisbane then unfortunately your install is going to not be the best. And if you’re lucky, your house won’t catch on fire – we are serious.

There has been a few cases where dodgy isolators and also poor installation techniques from rushed solar installer subcontractors have had dire consequences for the poor homeowner. These houses simply caught on fire because of the lack of responsibility from the solar panel installation company in Brisbane.


Don’t necessarily ask your potential solar installation company, “how long have you guys been around for?”but ask the question, “how long have your installers been installing solar systems for? – And particularly, what experience do the electricians and solar installers have installing solar panels in Brisbane?”

This small little twist on words doesn’t seem like much, but actually it makes a world of difference. You see, you could have a very experienced, and long-lasting solar company in Brisbane going to install on a house in Brisbane, but they could be just using subcontractors that they have found out of the phone book or on gumtree!

potentially, the Sub-contractors have no experience at all in installing in our local region and especially installing those solar products, components, solar panels, and inverters that you are expecting to have installed in a professional manner. It is in this situation that they have answered the question that you have asked them, ‘ how long have you guys been around for?’ Honestly and correctly, but has not benefited you as a solar panel consumer at all.

On the contrary, you could have a solar installation company that has been around for just a few months. It could be a very small one man band.

Let me give you an example of the main installer and electrician who had been working for the company in this scenario I have just mentioned above, since the beginning.

This fantastic individual who had been overseeing, and responsible for all the great solar panel installations in Brisbane has decided that he wanted to go out and start his own solar power business as he has all the know-how, knowledge and experience in making satisfied solar power Brisbane customers.

He knows it all, from great solar installations to great after sales service. If you ask this guy the same question, “how long have you guys been around for? And he also uses it truthfully, “we have been in business selling and installing solar panels in Brisbane for just a few months.” The customer has the correct answer, and a truthful one, but the question is not helping the customer in any way. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that this is a very bad solar panel question that a customer could ask for potential solar installer.

If you can find a good solar power installation company with great recommendations and reputation, it will also be most likely that this company would sell the best solar panels Brisbane has to offer. If you are researching a company, and you can’t seem to find much said about them from the Internet, or the salesman seemed a bit shaky in his answers to some of your basic questions, I would say it’s fairly safe not to pursue any further with these companies as well – There’s a new Solar power company start up in Brisbane EVERYDAY! And who knows who they are, and where they come from? Also, what their motive is?!

Solar power scams in Brisbane

If a solar power salesmen makes outlandish claims such as , ‘if you install a solar system from our company you will no longer have an electricity bill!’ Run away! – run very far away from this person. It’s absolute rubbish.

Once upon a time, back when feeding tariffs were very generous this was a luxurious possibility.

However it is now 2015, we can no longer sign up for the $.44 feeding tariffs in Queensland. It then went to 8 cents feed in tariff. It is now 0 cents. Now the only feed in tariff that you will get in Queensland is ‘electricity retailer contribution only.’

In layman’s terms this means that once you have booked in for your solar installation it’s time to get on the phone and start calling up and getting into contact with all the energy retailers in Queensland and play them off against one another.

Negotiate with them.

You are the customer, you are valuable to them. Tell them that you will happily be an electricity customer of theirs if they give you a feed-in tariff such as 10c per kilowatt, because opposition energy retailer is offering nine cents.

Or if you don’t want to do the run around, just call click energy, who I believe at the moment they are offering $.10c, which I also believe, is the highest paid feed-in tariff for electricity exported to the grid in Queensland.


If you do insist on getting the absolute cheapest solar system that you can find on the market in Brisbane or the Gold Coast please understand it will come with the cheapest components available. It’s the only way possible.

That’s how some solar installers can offer such cheap pricing on their systems. The reason is simply that they buy the cheapest stuff they can get! They perhaps even try and run their business without a receptionist, all with cheaper unreliable labourers, using cheap mounting and cabling, buying second hand solar panels and inverters with no warranty, and flogging these systems off to the Queensland public as the cheapest solar system you can buy.

Cheap. Something you don’t want to be when making a solar system purchase in Brisbane.

jinko solar panels 6kw brisbane
Click here to have a look at the special prices we have on our PREMIUM SOLAR PACKAGES

While it is not necessary to only install European solar products, it is certainly heading that way when looking at solar inverters. Put simply, it doesn’t appear as the Chinese can properly replicate and emulate a good quality German or Austrian (I’m talking about SMA and Fronius) solar inverter. Heck, even some European solar companies can’t get it right.


If it was me that was buying a solar power system in Brisbane in 2018, and I had selected my installer but was lastly looking at what components that my system was made up of, I would certainly include the German SMA Sunny boy inverter. This inverter has always been the best in terms of reliability and performance.

No other solar inverter manufacturer has taken the SMA Sunny boy inverter from top spot as of yet,  but the Fronius Primo is certainly giving it a run at the moment. The Fronius Primo is now the best by far.

SMA Sunnyboy inverters that are over 10 years old are still performing amazingly after so many years!

The SMA inverter is the most reputable inverter on the market and the most expensive inverter, but I would choose the Austrian Fronius Primo inverter these days, more bang for buck! – ESPECIALLY NOW THAT THE SMA INVERTERS ARE BEING MADE IN CHINA! (Fronius Primo has 10 year warranty, rather than SMA’s 5 year, WIFI capable, not a Ethernet or Bluetooth connection needed, and can fit the Smart Meter for the same cost!)

The SMA inverter is now Made in China, and not considered as good as the previous  SMA inverter, prior to 2017.

Fronius Inverter Download PDF Files

Fronius Primo AUS Datasheet Spec Sheet

Fronius Smart Meter information

Fronius Primo AUS Operation Manual Instructions

10_year_warranty_2016_5+5 year for Fronius Inverters Promotion

SMA inverter Download PDF Files

SMA Sunnboy Australian datasheet 5000tl-21 Spec Sheet – This is the old reliable German Workhorse that is no longer available. Be watchful on the SMA SB 5.0 model, as it is now Made in China.

Need to know Solar panel information

Talking solar panels now, there is absolutely no need at all to go and start hassling solar companies in Brisbane about installing European solar panels on their roof. European solar panels are horrendously expensive. Even over in Europe they install most of their solar power systems using Chinese solar panels.

There are three types of Chinese solar panels.

  • First you have your cheap Chinese crap – avoid this at all costs. Solar systems that are advertised for around $4000 for 6kw tend to sit in this category.
  • Secondly you have your standard run-of-the-mill tier 1 Chinese solar panels. These are the best value for money, and are built to a claimed high quality. These are Australia’s best sellers, our Jinko panels fit in this category.
  • and thirdly you have your premium solar panels made outside of China. Panels made in Europe, Korea or Japan fit here. Such brands include, Winaico, LG, and Sunpower

In all seriousness,  you should be pretty safe to just get yourself a good tier 1 Chinese manufactured solar panel. This is all you need. Coupled with a good quality inverter, our recommendation being SMA from Germany or Fronius Primo with Smart Meter from Austria. (We do these 6kw systems for just $6900)

There are now plenty of companies that are categorised as a tier 1 solar panel manufacturer in China. Our pick of the lot is Jinko, simply because they are well priced, perform extremely well, and also have their Australian national office here in Brisbane.

Jinko Solar panels Download PDF Files

Jinko Eagle 260 watt Spec Sheet

Yulara Case Study – Jinko Australia

And you can read about what we have written about our experience with Jinko solar panels here.


While Queensland solar and lighting doesn’t aim to be the absolute cheapest provider of solar systems in Brisbane, we aim to be extremely competitive in the market at all times. And hey,
we’ve installed for many customers so we must be doing something right in the price department.

We will never have an unsatisfied customer, as we take care of everything from the solar installation, to the maintenance and repair of systems, and we are always there for warranty work.
We are always readily available to be contacted for any after sales service. We also only install top quality gear after heavy research and testing.

If you are still very much confused about how to go about correctly purchasing a solar system in Brisbane, you can always chat to us for free advice via online chat, SMS text messaging, phone calls either to the office or our sales mobile 0431 094 756, or email us at

You can click here to have Queensland solar and give you a free quote today.