Solar heating for swimming pools

Solar heating for swimming pool

With the growing prices of energy, leisure expenses such as heating swimming pools must be made efficient and one sure way to do that is Solar heating for swimming pools. You can extend your swimming season just by increasing the fun factor and value of your swimming pool by using simple means that will save you unnecessary cost and energy. With Solar heaters for swimming pool you can double the days of your swimming season.

Solar heating for swimming pools are integrated in to a normal filter system. They work when the water is intercepted by the pool filter and is directed towards the solar collector and then at last flowing into the pool. When the water passes the solar collector it heats up considerably and then it is pumped and filtered. If your system has a temperature sensor, it can determine if the water is exactly how you want it by checking the ideal temperature.

Why do you need solar heating for swimming pool?

  • Solar heating for swimming pool will ensure that your pool is heated by harnessing free energy, which cost effective and environment friendly. Therefore, the cost of gas or electricity is saved.
  • Your swimming season is extended to eight to ten months each year. The best of which is that it is triple the expected swimming time in a regular pool with no gas or extra electricity bills to pay.
  • If you choose solar heating for swimming pool, the equipment is most likely to last for more time than electric equipment. Generally they come with ten years warranty and hence can last at least 10 to 20 years or more.
  • Unlike with gas electric heaters the solar heating system don’t need to be serviced by technicians every once in a while.
  • They are light weight and can be aesthetically pleasing

Things to keep in mind while installing

There are certain conditions that you follow while installing a solar heating for the swimming poolto get the maximum benefits of the heater. First you must have solar collectors large enough that they can soak up enough sunlight need for heating energy.

The collector area will be dependent upon the size of the pool and the temperature of the water which will obviously depend on weather. Another element that is crucial while heating is the amount of shading on your pool as well as the direction in which the solar panels are set.

Additional advantages

When the filter pump is working efficiently there is no need to add a pump for the solar heater, as the existing pump will circulate the water through solar collectors.Solar heating for swimming pools can be completely automated by a properly designed heating solar system. There are automatic solar controls that will divert water to the panels and heat up to the temperature preset by you.

Thus now days the solar heating system is not only cost effective and environmental friendly but easy to operate as well.


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