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Were you looking for the cheapest Phone Repairs shop Gold Coast has to offer? Well look no further than Fixo, located opposite the Police Station in Surfers Paradise, in the middle of Orchid Avenue.

phone repairs gold coast
Fixo is the absolute ‘GO-TO’ guy for phone repairs in Surfers Paradise

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Fixo has been fixing phones for quite some time now, and has over 5 years experience repairing Computers, Laptop screens, HTC, Samsung Android and Apple products.

Fixo has fixed Queensland Solar and Lighting’s IPAD2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in such a cheap and professional manner that we thought we should let all our happy solar customers know about the smooth operation that is Fixo!

Broken Phones with faulty charge ports, Smashed Ipad or phone screens?

Anything at all related to a damaged phone, FIXO will try his best to sort out your issue as cost-effective as possible and all his Phone repairs come with a 2 year warranty, so you will be pleased to know that you will be getting the best phone repairs Gold Coast service available!

Not just a Phone repair guy!

Fixo is a qualified electrician who turned to fixing and repairing phones and laptops as we was growing tired of the weekly grind of being treated poorly as an electrician on poor wages, but made the leap to repairing small electrical devices when he found that he had a real talent for working on such small, fiddly and expensive devices such as an Iphone 6 plus!

Fixo soon found that the market for Phone Repairs Gold Coast was extremely inflated and that he could do his best by working and making a healthy income, at only discounting his services he offers by around 30-40% of what the currrent Phone repairs Gold Coast market charges. Needless to say, Fixo’s competition is pissed off!

FREE Phone repair Quote – Surfers Paradise

But this is all great news for customer with phones and tablets who have smashed  their screen and looking for the best value for money Mobile Phone and Tablet repair shop that the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise has to offer!

CHEAPEST Phone Repairs shop – Gold Coast

Not only has Fixo dropped the price on his labour component of the invoice. (He can do this as he shares rent with another shop on the strip in Surfers Paradise) but he is also an avid wholesaler of the electrical components and mobile phone replacement parts that he uses. With the combination of these two critical aspects of running a phone repair shop and his kind nature, and expertise in repairing phones, tablets,P.C’s and Laptops he can then offer a 2 year warranty on all his workmanship, you will find that it is obvious that Fixo is the best shop for Phone repairs Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise has to offer!



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