High Performance Solar Panels: For Greater Efficiency

High Performance Solar Panels: For Greater Efficiency

What are our high performance solar panels?

The Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has the latest collection of high performance solar

panels to power your home. These high performance solar panels are the product of long research into

optimizing your power output with minimum costs. We understand the importance of having a proper

and regular electric generator system in your home. These high performance solar panels come with the

latest technology; making them 50% more power effective than ordinary panels.


Our latest design makes the bulky panels look stylish and sophisticated on your roof. Our efficient

customer service will take care of all your installation woes and ensure you enjoy your electricity without


Solar Panels: How they influence your power output?

Most home owners in the country are gravitating towards solar power to meet their home or commercial

electricity requirements. The benefits of setting up such a system are many, including lesser costs, cleaner

energy, less pollution as well as several attractive incentives the Federal and State Governments are

providing to popularize this idea.


Solar panels are an intrinsic part of the entire solar grid, without which it will obviously not function.

Solar panels are basically the bulky things that you see on the roof of a solar powered house, on which

the rays of the sun fall. Solar panels are a collection of tiny solar cells, which basically capture the rays

of the sun. The efficiency of the solar panel depends upon the size, design and the material used for

construction. The construction engineering determines the range of frequencies of sunlight that it can

capture and convert into electricity. The solar cells are usually of monocrystalline and polycrystalline

silicon, which is proven to be the best material for powering solar power batteries.


We understand the importance of high performance solar panels to optimize your electric power output.

Thus, our solar panels have the very latest technology, by which the incident sunlight is refracted into

separate beams of different frequencies, like ultraviolet, infrared, visible light etc. Then the separate

frequencies are made to fall on separate compartments of the solar panels so that each beam gives

optimum electric power output. This is the revolutionary technology that is becoming common in all the

solar power companies that are registered with us.

We are also constantly improving the design of the high performance solar panels, so that they take

up less space on your roofs and look sophisticated. The latest developments in solar panel engineering

also involve the presence of reflecting mirrors at various points inside the solar panels to intensify the

light beam and provide more energy. We keep a track of all such latest developments and only stock

the products that have these features. Our entire grid is highly power efficient and durable; and the solar

panels are no different. Thus if you are looking to power your home using solar energy, make sure you

give us a call for high performance solar panels.

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