Bosch solar panels review

Quality guaranteed, The Bosch solar panels review

  Welcome to the Bosch solar panels review. As you read ahead, various features, products, pros and cons of the Bosch solar panels will be highlighted. For that reason, read ahead and hopefully, this review can help you with your decision. As far as the explanation goes, solar panels are a set of solar solution with photovoltaic units that are electrically joined and put on a supporting unit. The unit has different solar cells. The entire idea of a solar panel is to generate electricity with the help of sun rays. Last we heard was Bosch was losing heaps of money and had to shut down. Moreover, with the panels, the electricity which is generated can be directly circulated to the desired area like a building or a residential place. The working of the panels is such that these panels capture the sun’s UV rays directly by their component of the solar cells. These solar cells convert the sun rays into electricity and this electricity is supplied to the required places.

Bosch Solar Panels
Expensive, under perform compared to cheaper options and not all from Germany. Not our pick at all

Introduction – Bosch solar panels

The Bosch solar panels are a product of the popular German company, Bosch. This automobile giant took over a solar company based in Germany, and from there, started their journey into the solar electricity sector. Product range Bosch sells 2 types of solar panels. One being crystalline solar units and the other one being thin film solar units.

  1. Crystalline solar units

These are made up of around sixty solar cells. There is a warranty period of 10 years and also a 25 year guarantee which comes with this solar panel.

  1. Thin film units

These thin film solar units come with a sleek look and micro morph silicon technology. A definite quality control is practiced through out the manufacturing of these solar panels.           Pros The company has a sales facility in several parts of the world. The Bosch solar panels have a product portfolio which is fairly varied. The products range from standard solar panel modules to thin film sleek looking solar panels. Owing to the company standards, there is no sacrifice in terms of the quality of the solar panels. The solar panels adhere to required standard of quality and confirm to all quality accreditation norms. The Bosch solar panels give a good performance even at low or not very good levels of light. Due to the optimization of the cells, the Bosch solar panel performs well in limited light circumstance.

Cons The main criticism as far as Bosch solar panels goes is that the solar panels are relatively more expensive than the rival solar panels made by the Chinese manufacturers. But with the quality promised, it is up to the customer to decide whether the solar panels are too over priced or not.   All in all, Bosch does not offer a very high variety in the solar panels. And the price is a little high compared to rival brands. However, it is all covered in terms of the performance and quality of the solar panel. Accordingly, it is up to the customer to see what appeals more to them.

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