#6 Chinese Solar Panels and Inverters are Rubbish

The 10 dumb myths of solar installers


6) Chinese product is rubbish 

The myth here is that apart from Trina, Yingli and Suntech everything out of China is cumbersome, performs badly and will be up for warranty claims within a few years of being installed.

Let’s remember that Chinese inverter manufacturer Growatt is the company that has the largest share of the Australian market when it comes to inverters. They had some issues in a prior run of inverters which got swapped out under warranty, as you should expect, yet everyone in the industry seems to be using that done and dusted story from the past as a model (but poor) case study of why Chinese inverters and other products are no good.

There’s also a bit of irony in the rubbishing of all Chinese inverters because, as I’ve discovered, Growatt inverters for instance have better power monitoring than some of the leading brands with 5-minute interval data available showing the performance of the array or arrays attached to each individual MPPT (this stands for maximum power point tracking – it is essentially the computer smarts of the inverter which optimises the power output from a group of panels given varying sun conditions). Some well-known German brand inverters can’t give you monitoring of each of your arrays though their manufacturers have promised it’s coming …. so is Christmas.

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