#3 There must not be shading of the solar panels

The 10 dumb myths of solar installers


3) There Must be NO SHADE on the panels

OK, a system might experience some shading for some section of the day, say the afternoon – what’s the consequence? Some derating with reduced power output, but the system doesn’t blow up and isn’t damaged. If the shaded panels are facing north the derating could be as high as 15% and the amount of power output would still be as good as an unshaded west or east facing system which installers, for the most part, now thankfully happily sell.

Obviously if you can give a customer a good sized system while eliminating shading or minimising it, that is a first preference. But then again you don’t want to plunk the panels lazily in the middle of the roof, which might crowd out the roof space so the customer can’t add more panels in the future.

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