Solar Power Milton – Golden Sun


Milton Courts and Milton Bowls are redeveloped to create an inner city parkland which will act as a green lung for the suburb. This is certainly a commendable and progressive initiative. A supplementalRead more

Solar Power Middle Park – Heat Of The Day


The heat of the day is often regarded as oppressive. But solar heat is a fantastic source for electricity. Solar Power Middle Park could revolutionise your way of life. Queensland Solar and Lighting CompanyRead more

Solar Power Lake Manchester – Revolutionary Idea


Harness the power of the sun to manage all operations of the Lake Manchester Dam with Solar Power Lake Manchester. It’s inexpensive, it’s reliable, it’s clean. Read more

Solar Power Kholo – A Beginning


Kholo is a tiny suburb of Brisbane located around 22 kms from the Brisbane Central Business District. With a small population, the development of Kholo is truly at an embryonic stage. Just the right time to contemplateRead more

Solar Power Kenmore – Morning Sunrise


Residents of Kenmore looking to change over from conventional electricity to Solar Power Kenmore will be doing themselves and the environment a world of good. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company haveRead more

Swimming Pool Solar Panels for an Enjoyable Swim

It is important to have a swimming pool solar panel installed for the safety of the pool as well as to save electricity.

Why Solar Panels?

After all, when solar panel can do the same thing as the electricRead more


So a few years ago you thought you would put  a solar power system on your home and you thought that getting the cheapest quote possible was the way to go, so off you went and went with the cheapest quote that sat on your… Read more

Toshiba solar panels review

Toshiba you have heard of, right? Of course you have! They are one of the biggest retailers of electronic products in the world. This means that if you purchase one of their products you can look forward to something… Read more

Sharp solar panels review

Sharp is a company which you really do not hear that much about in this day and age. Sharp is one of those companies which was immensely popular on the electronics scene a few years ago but seems to have fallen out of the … Read more

Sopray solar panels reviews

Formed in 2005 in China, Sopray has fast become one of the largest manufacturers of Solar Panels in the World. They ship all over the globe, and it comes as no surprise that so many companies are selling their products.… Read more

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