Jinko 470w Tiger N-Type Solar Panels System Packages

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Jinko 470w Solar Panels Packages – Brisbane

Jinko Solar has now released 470w N-Type solar panels. Bigger in size and wattage than the smaller 415w N-Type solar panel in Australia with a 30-year warranty!

We are now selling Jinko Tiger Neo panels as our bang-for-buck solar panel package.  Jinko has bounced back with the brand-new Tiger Neo 470w panel. You can read about it here. All upgraded warranty, and performance.

The Tiger Neo panels also look great. They are black panels.

The new Jinko Tiger Neo panels now also come with a full 30-year performance warranty AND 25-year product warranty! Not like the cheaper Chinese brand panels that have only a 10,12 or 15-year product warranty. Jinko is backing the N-Type to last.

Jinko N-Type Solar Panel 470w Warranties

  • 25-Year Product Warranty
  • 30-Year Performance Warranty


Jinko 470w Tiger Neo N type spec sheet



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