Solar Powered Air Conditioning Brisbane

Off-Grid Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Brisbane

Grid independent Solar powered systems have finally arrived in Brisbane! We are excited, are you?

Are you interested in purchasing an Air Conditioner that runs ‘off-grid’, powered by its own solar panels and batteries, completely independent of the grid? We are now happy to say that we have the answer for you.

This means that the Air Conditioner works completely from the solar power that the 4 x 270 watt panels generate on the roof, and not from your existing connection from Energex or Ergon, depending on where you live. Everytime the Air Conditioner is on and blowing cold air you will have peace of mind that the Air Conditioner is completely paid for, and is now running from the Sunlight, and never from the grid!

How good would it be to run an Air Conditioner in the house, in the middle of summer, in a black out?

Very good. Because the Air Conditioner is ‘off-grid’ the system will be working in the event of a blackout, so you will be confident knowing that you will always have a cool room to retreat to should the power in the street go out.

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