Hot Water Systems

Install Hot Water systems that work with your solar PV System

In Queensland, hot water accounts for 35% of household energy consumption on average. But why spend so much money on electricity or gas to make hot water, when you could be using the sun for free?

Heating water is very energy-intensive, so installing a solar hot water system is an important first step to bring down your power bill.

We supply evacuated tube and flat plate products, both of which work in very different ways. Each system is matched to the different needs of each household so we can find the very best hot water system for you.

To find out more about how each type of solar hot water system works, see the different brands below.

Only the best solar hot water systems

We pride ourselves on supplying you with premium brands of solar hot water systems that have all been tried and tested in Australia.

We’re passionate about the brands we stock – and we love educating YOU about why they’re the best solar hot water systems around, so you can be absolutely confident in your choice.


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Apricus Solar is one of the worlds largest evacuated tube manufacturers. A trusted brand for many years, Apricus offers systems to suit both residential and small commercial requirements. The Apricus system has been developed with range of technological benefits to help make the most of all weather conditions:

  • The darkest evacuated tubes available in the residential market for maximum solar gain
  • Intelligent Solar controller that allows the user to interpret temperature readings from both the roof and the tank
  • Apricus products are internationally certified and designed for a high quality of performance and also accredited for cyclone rated areas of Queensland
  • We offer the Apricus vitreous enamel tank range

Installing solar hot water in your home is a huge decision, so you want to be sure that your investment will be worthwhile. Our brands have stood the test of time – again and again – in real Australian homes. Let us help you bring solar hot water to YOUR home today, so you can reap the benefits!

Download Apricus Brochurepdf size: 1.8mb

Download Apricus Glass Lined Tanks Specificationspdf size: 1mb

Install a heat pump – your alternative to solar hot water

Heat pumps offer an alternative to roof-mounted collector solar hot water systems. Extracting heat from the surrounding air, heat pumps offer a compact, convenient domestic hot water option.


The Aquatech HydroTherm hybrid hot water system is the latest in stainless steel innovation to arrive on the Queensland market. Designed in Queensland specifically for our harsh weather conditions, the HydroTherm system is not only built to last but perfectly suits the needs of all Queensland families.

Comprised of a stainless steel tank and heat exchanger, this system requires does not require additional electric boosting and runs at a miserly 800 watts to deliver ample hot water combined with significant savings to your power bill.

The all-in-one design of the HydroTherm system incorporates acoustic dampening technology to keep the unit at the lowest possible decibel output. This feature means that the system sounds no louder than a typical air-conditioning unit; perfect if you’re considering installation close to bedrooms or neighbours.

With great looks, industry-leading efficiency and performance, and some of the longest warranties available today, the Aquatech HydroTherm hybrid hot water system utilises the latest innovations in hot water to meet your family’s needs.

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