Whirlpool Solar Forum


Whirlpool Solar Forum

If someone in Australia is wanting to search the internet and do some research on purchasing a solar system and get other peoples expert advice they will 99% of the time find themselves washed up at the Whirlpool solar forum. You can find the whirlpool solar forum here.


Winaico are by far a better panel than Canadian Solar


There are quite a few installers and keen customers who love everything to do with solar power. These guys live and breathe it. The only problem is that every installer who reguarly posts on their is trying to flog their own stuff and bag the rest of the industry’s practice, equipment, products and service. What makes this whirlpool solar forum so bad though, is that 90% of the solar customers on their are deadset brainwashed by these installers, and have had their own solar systems installers installed by these whirlpool solar companies.

whirlpool solar forum
This is pretty much what is going on at whirlpool.
I wonder if potential solar customers can see this for themselves?

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Because they have so many groupies on their spruiking their product for free and telling every new member who logs on and asks a simple question. “I live in Brisbane and want to get solar panels, any advice guys?” Within 12 hours there will be an unfathomable amount of fanboys chiming in and giving their own biased review and who support and most likley have been installed by a certain couple of local installers, and basically rubbishing the idea of any other National or local’s solar company’s ability to do the job or even supply good equipment.

The guy below clearly understands what Whirlpool Solar forum is all about. You can see that thread here. This thread pretty much sums up perfectly about what I mean when I say there is only a couple of companies that a potential new solar customer will be steered to.

Whirlpool solar forum

This guy has been around Whirlpool and knows what’s up.



Whirlpool Solar Forum – The avid posters getting rid of the competition the best they can.

whirlpool solar forums

As I was saying, Whirlpool Solar Forum is truly just a select few installers from each area in Australia and their army of minions who took the bait, paying over German/SMA prices for a Chinese Inverter.


And here you have it, a regular Whirlpool Forums solar member just says it like it is, Whirlpool solar forum is ‘perhaps biased to their product/brands on occasion’ – There you go!

whirlpool forums solar

Just say it like it is mate. haha, surprised this one didn’t get hidden by the moderators. Yep, only Biased on occasion… only when they are trying to sell something! haha


All we are saying here, is that Whirlpool Solar forum is not as ‘honest and reliable’ as one would hope. if you go on and start asking questions, expect to be steered into a ‘whirlpool solar company’. But, for good reason. These whirlpool solar companies are on whirlpool THAT MUCH that there is no way they would do a customer wrong and have their whole online whirlpool reputation tarnished. Sure, you might be paying extra money for a system that they are selling, but I don’t think they would be a company that would lead you up the garden path. And, you could be paying more for a system of inferior size ad quality.

The only issue with them is when they and their followers get on their and start rubbishing every other panel, inverter, component and solar company ever mentioned. Becasue, truth be told, you can buy a good quality 5kw system for $4295. Just ask us how here.


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  1. I think you are right, if more companies like yours put up their feelings about whirlpool, then the public would know to be more wary of their advice.

  2. solarflare 6 years ago

    Thanks for quoting my post on WP – only you may have incorrectly assumed I am affiliated with a solar company or am an installer – of which I am neither (and neither is another WP user you quoted (Praco) for that matter). The reason it wasn’t deleted by the admin was because it didn’t breach any of their guidelines. Free speech is welcomed; that’s what a forum is!

    I’m not based in QLD and haven’t dealt with your company to be able to make comment on it (but I will comment on phrase at the bottom of your website: “All our products are of the highest Australian Standard” – Australian Standards are “minimum requirements” required to be adhered to; there is no such tier as “highest”!).

    I have seen first-hand over the past 7+ years the industry is full of sharks who’s only interest is in making as much profit as possible – at the detriment and expense of customers, and hundreds of installers who fail to comply with even basic requirements of AS5033. I don’t “bag out” any particular company or installer because most of them are as bad as each other (although I’d like to publically warn others about a certain few) but I will give credit where it’s due. Of the hundreds I know of, I could count on one hand the ones I’d recommend to anyone.

    I encourage you to post on the forums (in accordance with their guidelines), but spamming is not welcome, which is why the installers (not just hippiesparx) who regularly contribute don’t do it (of course they’ll push products they sell, because they know it inside-out), but even if they didn’t contribute, hundreds of happy customers posting there speaks volumes. Just don’t make the mistake so many others have made, and pose as a “happy customer” of QSL – as you’ll be spotted a mile away.

    1. Daniel Queensland Solar & Lighting 6 years ago

      Despite what Whirlpoolians say about us here at (QLD Solar & Lighting), we do a pretty neat install! I can also gurarantee there is no ‘tears for the customers, when a system is purchased at our pricing.’

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