What is Australia doing to Curb Electricity Charges?

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Solar energy is becoming one of the most popular forms of renewable energy sources across the world. Countries, both developed and developing, are investing in more solar power systems. Australia is also seeing many households and small industries using solar panels to source energy for their benefit. However, recent studies have shown that the increasing electricity charges are affecting the country badly.

Research by Centre for Policy Development

The research has pointed out that Australia might face a huge energy crisis in the near future. This is due to the fact that electricity charges are increasing on a regular basis.

Another fact to be noticed is that solar energy usage is becoming increasingly popular among the Australians. Harnessing solar energy could prove helpful and could help the continent face the energy crisis that is also haunting the world. It would definitely help reduce the electricity charges.

As per Laura Eadie, Sustainable Economy Research Director at the CPD and the main author to prepare the report, states that because of vested interest from some people, opposition to promoting alternative energy sources is likely, especially in case of solar energy.

The highlighting factor in the report is the impact that rooftop solar panels can make in the nearing energy crisis in Australia. The rooftop panels definitely seem to have a positive impact. These systems are affordable, reliable and produce clean energy that supports the environment instead of harming it.

Australians seem to embrace the solar energy systems widely that is helping them cut their electricity charges. Most of the households have set up rooftop panels that help them generate energy for household uses. As per the study, the Government should issue subsidies to promote the usage that can be a he benefit and support to people. It also states that energy policies need to be molded in order to encourage people to use solar energy more.

Australia's solar panels

The Australian Government should notice the fact that increasing charges for electricity are affecting the lower income group more than any other groups. Perfect planning needs to be put in place to support those badly affected.

Modifying the energy policy:

Though the points highlighted in the report are old, the most important thing here is to notice the way the organization is handling the issue. CPD has always been claiming to be an independent think tank. The CPD claims that it is independent in analyzing the political scenario in the country and aims to positively influence the Government to modify the energy policy to support the solar energy promotion.


The report provides an encouraging idea to the people of Australia about the Government’s plan to support solar energy usage. This would prove to be helpful for the future energy crisis that haunts the people and the Government alike.


Australia’s approach to solar energy promotion seems to be slower than the rest of the world. Many other nations have realized the need for alternative energy promotion to sustain now as well as to promise their people a better tomorrow. It is highly likely that alternative energy sources will replace fossil fuels soon.




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