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over the last few years and especially in recent times, Queensland solar and lighting has rescued many, many customers who had signed up to a true value solar special deal they had seen advertised on the television, and naturally thought that that was a fantastic bargain.

The true value solar special deal turned out to be anything but a special deal. It appears that the reason why these solar systems are so cheap are all outlined in their terms and conditions that they try to not show customers upon contract signing and deposit paid. We recently converted a customer who had signed and paid their deposit with true value solar.

The good thing about signing up with true value solar is the fact that you have a 10 day cooling off period in order to cancel your solar contract and have your money refunded to you. If you are reading this and having second thoughts on whether to go through with your solar power installation with true value solar, I suggest you have a good hard look at their terms and conditions -which they are probably neglected to email you as they even say themselves that they will supply these on the day of installation -when it’s too late to read them…,

But the good news is Queensland Solar and Lighting has acquired a copy of True Value Solar’s Terms and Conditions.

Now let’s go through true value solar’s terms and conditions… On their website!

True Value Solar has a webpage dedicated to their Terms & Conditions, but they don’t actually state all their T’s & C’s as they even say here that the ‘real copy will be delivered on day of install’

true value solar terms and conditions
Click to read

A) This means that  the quoted and agreed price is actually not the real price at all, as your real price is determined by the ever-fluctuating ‘STC Price’

STC’s are a commodity that are freely traded and vary in price daily just like any other commodity in the world –  You can click here to see what the price is today and how they have changed value in recent times.

The Catch: There wouldn’t be too many other solar companies out there STILL using this sneaky trick which was more common back in 2010/2011. But there was more fluctuation in the STC prices back then, and also a whole lot more given per install. To have this clause in your contract in 2016 is just plain weird… If a TVS quote has * STC’s valued at $40, but they are really valued at $38 on the market, and you get 124 per 6kw of solar panels, Your TVS quote would appear that you are getting $4960 of STC Credit. But remember they might not be worth $40 on the day, Just $38… that means your rebate is only $4712. So as their contract says, you will need to make the difference of $248… Easy money for TVS!


B) What ethical and trustworthy company hides an Admin fee?

The Catch:This means that the advertised price really has another $127 to be added to it, Ha, unbelievable. The honest way of doing it is to advertise the price with all the ‘admin fee’ bullcrap built into the price!


C) This means that you may be required to pay extra for the solar system on the day of install.

The Catch: 

Honest and reputable solar companies like Qld Solar & Lighting will give you a quote and system contract with all meterboard upgrades included on the price quoted to ensure that there is no ‘hidden extras’ on the day of installation. Clearly this is not happening here. This is where the TVS sub-contractor makes his cream on top of the installation payment, and gives you a quote on the day of installation.

So if a customer is comparing 2 solar solar quotes, the local solar company being $5000 and includes all meter board upgrade work,  but True Value Solar quote seems more attractive because the price totals $4600 with the same gear and install, they may opt to go with the TVS to ‘save money’, but come installation day, the installer wants $700 to upgrade the meterbox to standard – Oh no, their solar system just cost them $5300! $300 more than what they could have spent!


true value solar hidden charges and fees
Click to read


D)  But you told the True Value Solar Sales representative that you have a Double Storey house with a Tiled roof – Good lord, what’s the extra’s going to be come installation day for that?

The Catch: True Value solar installers will likely turn up and let you know that the installation for a tiled roof on a double storey home is quite a bit more than what the customer had expected 

true value solar customer complaints
This is the BIG ONE – Click to read

E)  What? So you don’t actually get given the ‘real Terms and Conditions’ until day of install?? Oh my goodness!

The Catch: You wouldn’t know what other ‘Hidden Nasties’ there REALLY is until day of install, as they are just ‘handed to you’ by the sub-contractor installer in a rush to start on his install – You, won’t be reading them, you will be too interested in barking orders at them or engaged in some conversation with them prior or during the install… or are the Terms & Conditions actually handed to you after you have transferred the balance remaining and fully paid for the solar system?  

Now, these are just the Terms and Conditions that are outlined on the TVS website… Not that many there, surely there’s more…

and there is… these are the ‘separate Terms & Conditions’  that are ‘given to you on day of installation’

We acquired these after a customer asked us to price match a quote they were given, we said that we will have a look. 2 minutes later customers sends through what I have been expecting, the True Value Solar Boxing day special quote – at an unbelievable price. There was the contract and payment instructions to accept. but no ‘Terms and conditions’.

I asked the customer to send through the ‘Terms and Conditions’ but he replied ‘There is none’ – See for yourself below!

true value solar price beat special
after he paid the deposit, he still doesn’t have the Terms and Conditions…

We got the customer to go back to True Value Solar, and SPECIFICALLY ASK FOR THEM… This was after they had paid their 10% deposit! They really intended on dropping this document to them on the day of installation. Who knows if it was going to be before or after the solar panel installation – Crikey!


So let’s have a look at the real Terms & Conditions shall we?

True value solars real terms and conditions given at time of install
How many of you were emailed a PDF document that looks like this? This customer wasn’t – He had to ask!


true value solar terms and conditions part 2


true value solar bad install
What on earth is defined as a ‘minor defect’?


true value solar reviews



true value solar not installing solar components quoted
Does TVS not have any intentions of actually installing the products they write in the contract?   


how to cancel true value solar contract
So what does this mean if you dont want the replacement solar panels and inverters they have provided on the morning of install? does this mean you have to pay a cancellation fee? Because its in the Terms and Conditions that they are allowed to rock up with different gear…   


true value solar dodgy installs
Installers damage the system and the customer has to foot the bill?


true value solar complaints by customers
customer complaints and reviews true value solar
We sell systems to partners, parents, tenants, various family members etc, all the time. Does this mean WARRANTY VOID?… Read and understood the quote and Terms and Conditions, it wasn’t even going to be given to customer until day of install?!
true value solar brisbane
So what does that mean for NSW and Queensland True Value Solar installs?

true values solar queensland

So there you have it, True Value Solar has some interesting clauses in their Terms and Conditions. It’s no wonder why they tried so hard to hide and not send to their potential customer. If you are considering using True Value Solar after reading through their Terms and Conditions with us, I wish you the best of luck on your solar install and purchase.

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