Top Energy Company tricks people, campaigns against renewable energy?

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Top Energy Company tricks people, campaigns against renewable energy?

What can make your already high electricity bill look even nastier? A message printed on the extreme right side, on the lower half of the document in bold red letters-

“Estimates of the NSW government suggest that green energy schemes and Federal carbon tax contribute nearly $332 to a 6.5MWh household bill.”

As nauseating as this experience was, it grabbed my attention to the deeper layers of such a message. And therefore, folks, we deemed it necessary to examine one of Australia’s top integrated energy companies claim that green scheme subsidies and the carbon tax are the prime reason for a surge in your electricity bills.



This inquisitive mind was piqued by the source of such claim, that being the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal a.k.a IPART. And hence, I could not resist but move the cursor to the FAQ section of IPART’s website to be able to analyze its claim and present it to you for your edification. The answer to “What is the reason behind an increase in electricity prices in the last few years?” went something like this-

“The last six years, specifically, have seen an annual increase in electricity bills by nearly $1060 in New South Wales. A major portion of the bill is eaten up by the network companies that transmit electricity from power stations to customers.”

If you carefully read on, you would realize that carbon tax and green schemes are mentioned but only as secondary causes of less importance. Therefore, the said company should assume the role of justifying the basis of such extrapolation.

Finn Peacock of SQHQ, when asked about his opinion on rising electricity bills, stated that “An increase in the demand for fancy air conditioners calls for more wiring and increased poles. This pushes up prices.”

But this company has its own reasons for practically opposing the growth of renewable energy. As stated above, they feel that the central cause for a sharp rise in electricity bills is your green power. On top of it, they have publicly declared their goal of preventing further developments in the field of renewable sources of energy. One of its very recent research projects suggests that the company is working to minimize potential growth of the renewable energy sector. And what method is it deploying to achieve such objectives? Careful manipulation and extrapolation give it scope to influence the RET set as 20% for the year 2020.

So, in a world where men are thoroughly campaigning to promote the more sustainable form of energy, renewable that is, few big energy utilities like the company in question, are deploying their power to dismiss the sector altogether. And for all you know the entire publicity around holding green schemes and carbon tax responsible only allows some other tactics of the similar kind to follow. We all have our businesses to expand and profits to make. Whether this is to be achieved by tricking people into believing what is farce, remains to be the central question. We eagerly await your responses here or over the social media, at our Facebook page.

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