Why is Toowoomba A fantastic City For Solar Power System Installation?

Toowoomba is just located on the west side of Brisbane, a great place for solar power system installation. Actually Toowoomba receives an average of full 4.2 hours sun in a day, which is mostly liable to make it one of Australia’s most sunniest city. For 4.2 hours continuously the sun light will produce average 6.3 kWh per day by using 1.5 kW Solar PV arrays (actually maximum capacity would be fixed based on Solar Bonus Scheme). It is true that, the amount of solar rebate depends on a lots of factors. Generally it is assumed that, 3 family members house use 20 kWh per day around the hole year. The solar system size may be vary due to family size but there is no doubt that installation of solar power system will save you from paying a lots of electricity bills. At the same the government would be ready to give you super incentives and low cost components of solar system at your solar panel system.

According to Federal Government’s Solar Credit Scheme, the households are with greater or smaller number of Renewable Energy Certificates. The RECs also considered as a small type of technology certificates, which is depending at their location, the size of the total solar system. Actually the RECs price fixed on customer and solar installer agreement. The RECs price may be fluctuated due to price raise, having customer options. Always the solar installer carry on the risk and liability to receive upfront discount on the total system installation. The Australians are more ahead than the world community at the terms of using alternative renewable energy system.

Toowoomba solar power
Should be called Toowoomba, the solar city

We also need to bear in mind that, Queensland residents are so lucky for adding Solar electricity to the electricity grid to earn a handsome amount of money.

We are a renowned  and respected company, and are ready to help those who wish to invest in Toowoomba. We will design a solar panel system to achieve a good ROI (Return On Investment). We provide completely free energy consultation service, best systems at lowest price, perfectly suitable plan with demand, need and budget.

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