Tony Abbott’s fabrication on renewable energy adjacent to Australia’s future

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Tony Abbott’s fabrication on renewable energy adjacent to Australia’s future

Tony Abbott’s government has battered up a controversy on renewable energy sources by taking up an antagonistic standpoint to it. Abbot has fumbled on the little plausibility that remained of the Coalition by repudiating everything that the government had promised anteceding the election.

The Prime Minister was allegedly reported to have said that the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is making the country an upscale energy capital and is constituting in driving up the electricity prices. However, evidence argue adversely to this statement.

Paraphernalia of Abbot’s combat on renewable energy:

 The Abbott government intends to terminate the Renewable Energy Target (RET). He seems mesmerized by the fossil fuel generators. The coalition government robustly impede that the burning of the fossil fuels is reason for the Global Warming. The renewable energy resources is being mutilated by the uncertainty surrounding its destiny. Abbott’s hostility is a primary reason behind the cessation of the clean energy industry.

Global warming

The Coalition government have also concocted stories against the renewable energy. Abbott argued that the hike in electricity price is by the virtue of these renewables. But, on the contrary the upswing in the prices was simply due to the expanding infrastructure that includes the formation of the poles and wires. Attestation clearly showed that with these there would be plunge in the electricity prices in the long run.

Fossil fuel plants:

The amplified cost of electricity will amount to the heightened profit from this fossil fuel plants. Study shows that this profit is supposed to rise to an amount of $10 billion in the next 15-20 years to follow.

The scrapping of the clean energy source would also mean a constraint livelihood for the common masses. The sustainable energy source is most likely to create job opportunities for the people. If the government adjudicates curbing of this renewables then the job prospect is also likely to succumb.

Abbott’s view is in altercation with the general population. Contemporary polls showboat that general public are in favor of the renewable energy sources. It is also being acknowledged by the majority.

The big associates of the fossil fuel company has been the co-conspirators in Abbott’s campaign against the renewable energy. It has gripped the public diligence just prior to the election.

These policies show that Abbott lacks far-sightedness. By the validation of energy sources like coal and gas, the government is streaming towards a political suicide. Instead of augmenting the falsities about the clean energy sources, the Abbott government should be honest about the implications of dealing with the climatic modification. Tony Abbott is amplifying his incursion of renewable energy technologies by putting multitude of jobs and billions of dollar in financing at even greater stake.

The Australian government has bifurcated into two faction on this issue. The government conjointly with the fossil fuel energy sector on hand and the renewable energy sources and its supporters on the other.

The common mass has to see beyond the lies of the government and rightfully contemplate the tightness of the situation. The consonance of the new senate depends upon the take of the public on the issue. Hence the government needs to be more frugal than ever, for it is the general public’s future in question.


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