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The sector of renewable energy has been getting bigger. Large scale projects have been launched at numerous places. India has announced a mega solar power project to be set up in the state of Rajasthan and spread across almost 77 sq.km of land! Other countries too are getting pretty serious about the idea of large scale utility projects.

In countries like the United States, big budgets have been sanctioned for plans to move in full swing. European countries too have combined forces to beat oriental players like China and provide cost-effective solar energy harnessing equipment. Turning to a different hemisphere, Australia too has demonstrated its keen interest in utilising solar power to the fullest.


Australia's sunlight

Australia’s largest utility scale solar project has been set up at Nyngan in country New South Wales. This has been done with the help of a United States firm called First Solar. The pilot project is a giant breakthrough for the entire country and especially for the locality, sending out a strong message of support for renewable power.

On an average this plant would be able to power up to Thirty-three thousand homes in New South Wales, given its gigantic size of 102 megawatts. Pro-renewable energy activists in Australia are rejoicing in this development and many experts are of the opinion that this project is a landmark in future of solar power in the nation.

In the last decade, the number of solar-powered homes in Australia has increased quite considerably and myths regarding maintenance costs have been put to rest. People in the country in general, as well as politicians (at least the progressive ones) are now open to experimenting renewable energy considering all its benefits. Though the energy sources throughout the country are mixed, with the state sponsoring such large-scale initiatives, solar power is bound to be better accepted.

The reason behind the government sponsoring this project is the well-known Australian Renewable Energy Agency (commonly called ARENA). This agency has played a rather significant role. They made the decision to invest in solar power with the surety that it will yield better interests than it would by investing in government bonds. This step has also helped assure the other private investors and give them a sense of security.


The renewable energy sector is now rightly being called the clean energy sector. This sector as I mentioned earlier is seeing brilliant developments. I speak not only of all the genius technology being created, but also the reform in the finances. A lot more private investors have become open to putting their dollars into the cause of renewable energy.

This has been made possible by sensible government policies and methods like those adopted by ARENA to attract more private placement. Though some of the leaders higher up the food chain may sneer at the idea of investing tax-payers money into so-called “experiments”, agencies like the one from Australia are responsible for ensuring progress as is fit for the modern 21st century.

Since this aspect of energy is gaining so much importance all over the globe, it is only through the medium of government sponsoring that the flow of money for the cause clean energy can continue. Hopefully the powerhouses all over the world will understand how essential this step is.

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