The Incredible solar innovation by Ford

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 Solar innovation in renewable energy sector:

It’s just a matter of time when significant innovations in the renewable energy sector will completely alter the way through which energy is directed to buildings such as factories and offices. There have been very remarkable developments in the field of photovoltaic that permits the office’s windows to let in adequate amount of light and also be transparent enough to act as small a solar panels. Today we are going to dig into the Holden vs. Ford battle when it comes to competing in the field of renewable energy.

Holden vs. Ford story

Holden Vs Ford:

You might as well be aware of the Holden vs. Ford story. It’s a war that dates back to the beginning of time (in actual the invention of combustion engine). If you father was someone who praised Holden, chances are his dad did the same. The same stands for people who praised Ford. The loyal groups could be spotted in pubs and backyard of houses and during racing events such as Bathurst. There were some exceptions though.  Some of the people preferred Toyota over these two giants.

Recently Holden has been the highlight of the media and that too for bad reasons. It announced that it is closing its Australian manufacturing firm which has left many Aussies jobless. Due to this they have suffered an enormous public relation blow. A very expensive campaign to gain sympathy of the Australians and to convince them that they still care about them has not turned out in their favour. Let me be very clear that all that I am stating here is constricted to what I have heard from my friends and family and in reality the data is not scientific.

Renewable energy innovations:

In the meantime their old competitor Ford has been very goal oriented. At least when it comes to renewable energy innovations. Ford Headquarters released the news this week praising their CMAX Solar Energi family which they have estimated to boost approximately 75% of all the trips done by an average driver. This is being made possible by a Sunpower solar panel system in union with a concentration Fresnel lens which is designed in such a way that it substitutes the carport roof.  In addition to this the new feature allows the car to move autonomously. A little forwards or backwards in order to keep the lens focused. This car has been quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Drive edition to reduce an annual greenhouse gas output by approximately 1 billion metric ton.

The Solar Energi will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas next week and this car promises to show an enormous amount of prospects for the Australian car market. According to ford’s claims, the solar technology can easily be modified to fit with any of the manufacturer’s latest model. It has left its competitors far behind when it comes to using renewable energy vehicles. The estimated saving of fossil fuels is said to be huge, with fuel consumption almost dropping to half!

Can renewable energy powered vehicles replace the current fuel driven vehicles completely in the near future? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. More over what will be the strategy of other manufacturers such as Holden?


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