The end of solar uncertainty begins: 2015

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Beginning of solar power-2015:

The end of solar uncertainty begins: 2015

With the coming of 2015, our solar fans welcome our newly elected members of the federal and state governments with high hopes and aspirations. This is with regard to the future of solar energy and other renewable energy resources to enter into a more environment-friendly new year.

Several questions are being put up at them as a great future full of possibilities is being visualized by the solar fans for this year. However, being quite practical in approach, the answers that came forward are dependent on circumstances and depending on the need of the hour these circumstances are going to be effectively handled.

Large scale solar power:

By some, more focus on other forms of large scale solar power are being speculated this year while some are determined in increased investment in research and development. These are only few of the many possibilities among many more options that are being widely thought of being implemented with full vigour this year.

But one of the main concerns that is being popularly raised is that of certainty of solar power in the nation for the year 2015. The infamous “boom and bust cycle” that has long haunted the immensely potential solar power sector should soon be done away with.


Over a long period of time inconsistency and uncertainty loomed over the state and federal policies in the solar power sector. The solar programs of the government seemed utterly shallow and were not guaranteed. This played a vital role in making solar investors unsure and insecure about putting their capital in solar schemes.

Investments were surely made but with a short term perspective in mind. This calls for a drastic change in the policy making process. This would also help rebuild the tainted reputation of the government as far as solar energy promotion is concerned.

Government’s decisions:

Most solar enthusiasts find it best not to rely on government programs as they seem quite superficial to them. All these years they have got enough of their hopes shattered with the policies that have seemed to be unfair in the energy sector. They are now sceptical about the government and its decisions.

Therefore, all that is asked from the new governments this time is a level playing field for the solar power and energy sector this year. The solar fans do not want to settle with anything less than fairness in the energy sector.

The solar uncertainty principle should now be transformed from a ground-hitting reality to a mere myth by the new governing representatives. With more and more environment consciousness pounding in the hearts of people, this happens to be the only demand of the solar fans as well as the general public.

A new beginning that hopes to see an end to solar uncertainty is largely being awaited by the masses this year. There is sincere hope that the elected representatives are surely going to listen and take appropriate actions. From the people’s end, numerous demonstrations and petitions are being made ready to face the challenges that 2015 is expected to bring.


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