The Big Man’s solar surprise for the New Year


New Year’s solar energy surprise:

The much awaited New Year had long kept the solar fans in anticipation of the opportunities that the year would bring. No sooner great news arrived to bring cheer and hope for all solar fans out there. An enormous bet has been placed by one the world’s richest men in promoting the future of solar energy in Australia.

Solar Investors:

Warren Buffet also popular as one of the wisest investors in land at present has decided to invest a whopping $US 2.5 billion in Sun Power’s Antelope Valley solar projects. The construction is estimated to begin somewhere during the year of 2015. This is seemingly a crucial development which may pave way for similar ones in near future.

Being the largest PV project, this Californian venture has caused solar shares to surge to new heights. However two diverse views are being put forward by the US media in reaction to this sudden dive made by Buffet. With a cynical perspective Buffet’s role as an advisor to President Obama is being highlighted.

It is being estimated that Buffet’s new investment has been made with a probable intention of reaping benefits from massive government solar subsidies. It is popularly known as “FLIPPING THE ASSET” in American terms. If the scenario is observed on a deeper note, Buffet might be interested in making a lot of money rather than promoting a solar future.


This argument stands rather justified as Buffet has formerly garnered attention as pioneering investor and businessman. His persona as an environmentally conscious leader is something that had been hidden till now. This image of Buffet has come as quite a surprise for America as well as Australia.

However, a second view is also prevalent which is still more positive in approach. It is possible that Warren Buffet has aptly assessed the current market scenario and identified the potential of solar power as an upcoming future. Buffet has already ventured into this promising arena quite early. He made investments in Topaz Solar firms which is an upcoming solar plant in Arizona.

His efforts put into the Antelope Valley Solar Farm Project cannot be missed out too. It is the world’s largest photovoltaic solar development project which promises a magnificent future in solar energy. Huge investments like these are an indication of raised environmental concern at a global level.

Government subsidies:

A lot of public opinion is being generated now which is quite diversified with regard to Buffet’s decision. With the eminent role that the US media is playing, people are viewing this situation with two clear minds, weighing all the recent developments. On one hand it may conclude with a purely financial end with the manipulation of government subsidies while on the other hand it may usher in a new solar perspective in terms of business investments.

With such steps being taken by world leaders in the direction of solar energy and other renewable resources we are surely gearing up for a future with possibly massive investments of similar kinds. Solar investments would then no longer remain a surprise for people but an everyday affair.

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      Hi, if you are in QLD, please fill out a quote form on this website, and we will be in touch.

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