The Best Solar Water Heater for you!

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With the increased popularity of solar power generation, households across the globe are considering switching to solar power wherever possible. For hot water usage, should you go for solar hot water or solar power panels? While the market is flooded with different products, apart from these two, here is why solar hot water system is the best bet among all. Read on to know more.

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If You Wish for a Simple Life

Your headache is over once you buy and set up a good solar hot water system. It remains on your roof-top, without even giving you the feeling that its there; comes to your mind only when you need hot water! Of course, your electricity bill for heating water will also remind you of the solar hot water system. Good amount of sunlight keeps the system going for a long time and heats as much as water possible. There are no timers or other control systems that is synced with the PV production.

Simple Mechanism

A solar hot water system allows heat from the sun to heat the water without converting the same into electricity. This way the mechanism of a solar hot water system is quite simple. It is thermodynamically efficient.

Save up Your Roof Space

Solar hot water system does not take much space on your roof. It takes only one fourth of the space of eight more PV panels. You could save up your roof space for more solar panels as the panels are becoming cheaper. You could add more panels and trap and store solar energy as much as you want. This could be useful when the sun is on a vacation!

Increased Value for Your Home

Depending upon the location, it is said that solar hot water systems can increase the value of your home. Hence the system could prove to be a good investment plan for your home.

Energy for Future

Invest in solar batteries and store up a good amount of energy that can be useful during emergencies or natural calamities. You could cut yourself off from the power network, yet continue doing your day-to-day activities using the stored up solar energy.


Other Advantages

Solar hot water system helps you save your money by cutting the electricity by as much as 30%. This way you could save up and invest your money in something else. When you buy a solar hot water system, you are not only making a long-time investment but doing a lot of benefits for your planet too. By switching to clean energy, carbon emissions from fossil fuel will reduce and would give way to a better living. A good part of fossil fuels will remain untouched for future generations to use.

Most of the households as well as industries are slowly shifting towards clean energy methods as these prove to more beneficial in long run. These are cheaper in cost, but longer in terms of energy productivity and credibility. Tapping into natural resources like solar, wind and thermal energy is the way ahead to meet energy crisis that faces the world.




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