LG are no longer manufacturing solar panels!


We aim to be the cheapest and best seller of LG solar panels in Brisbane. We sell around 1 or 2 LG systems a month. LG solar Systems are for the solar enthusiast. They are for a solar buyer that understands ‘if you buy quality, you only buy once.’

LG panels are the best solar panels on the market and now offer a 25 year product replacement warranty, not 10 like all other panels on the market today.

lg solar panels warranty Brisbane
This is no joke! LG really have just announced the best warranty in the business that includes parts AND LABOUR for 25 years!

This is news they released this week (15th May 2018)  See here.

To celebrate we are offering smashing deals offering the LG Neon 2 panels. We believe our deals on LG Panels are the cheapest in Brisbane.

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LG NeON H Solar Panel Special Prices

6.48kw LG NeON H – 18 x 370w with Growatt inverter 5kw  = $7750

6.48kw LG NeON H – 18 x 370w with Fronius Primo 5.0  = $8750

We are offering these outrageous special deals using the number panel in the world, the  LG NeOn 2  and the Brilliant Fronius inverter.

DATASHEET – LG 345w Neon2 solar panel

For those of you wanting nothing but the best solar panel system money can buy, this is it. This system boasts the best solar panels on the market today (September 2019) and the newest inverter with the latest technology, Fronius Primo 5.0.

LG NeON R Solar Panel Special Prices

6.666kw LG NeON R 370W Gloss Black with Zeversolar (owned by German Company – SMA) 5kw  = $9800

18 x 360 watt Panels = 6.666kw 

6.666kw LG NeON R 370W Gloss Black

with Fronius Primo 5.0  = $10500

18 x 370 watt Panels = 6.666kw 

See below for the Holy Grail, the LG NEON R Datasheet! The best panel you can buy at the moment!

LG Neon R 370w Datasheet

lg neon r solar panels sold in brisbaneTrack your homes energy usage, and see how much power you are exporting to the grid by asking to include one (costs extra). Read about the Fronius Smart meter here.

  • Inverter warranty 10 years.
  • Workmanship warranty 10 years.
  • LG panels now have the best warranty on the market


We can now arrange solar installation for the new LG MONO x PLUS 370w Solar Panels. Let us know if you are interested in this solar panel also.

LG MONO X PLUS 370W Datasheet

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