Swimming pool solar systems

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Swimming pool solar systems for heating your pool

Swimming pool solar systems make heating swimming pools cost as well as energy efficient. This is an environmental friendly alternative that is lighter on your pocket and your conscience too. But there are many factors that you must include in your checklist that will make heating your pool easy without any outside help. The success of heating a pool with solar energy depends on three crucial things, i.e. how much sunlight you get, how big and cool your pool is and strangely enough, how much black colored (any dark color) pipes or hose you own.

Of course if the temperature is hot this is convenient enough, otherwise copper tubes can also be used for heat transfer.

Step 1

When making a checklist to work out your own swimming pool solar process, make sure you have enough black rubber hose pipes. Any dark colored hose will do and they have to be preferably thin walled too. This makes the heat transfer easy and easier on your wallet too. Such hoses can easily be found in any home supply stores.

Step 2

Now your swimming pool solar procedure won’t work to its maximum potential unless the hose you don’t install the pipes in parallel way. This setting allows the swimming pool solar process to increase the solar gain. If you use one long hose, the temperature on one end of the pipe will be too high to allow further collection and this will make it less efficient in gaining heat.

Step 3    

Ask a question, how much does your heat does your pool need? And adjust your swimming pool solar system accordingly. Keep in mind the more hose pipe you use the more the water will get heated. Therefore see the size and the regular temperature of the pool and decide how much heat you want.

Step 4

Most in ground pools have a draining system which operates on the hose bib; you can use that direct the flow of water to and fro from the pool. If you don’t have something like that, your swimming pool solar system will additionally need water pump to pump the water at slow speed.

After attaching the hose, let the water circulate for some time so that the residual water which was left in the pipe which would be quite hot will be passed.

Step 5

Keep in mind that slowing down the water will make it hotter in the pipe but will also take a long time to heat the pool. So to speed up your swimming pool solar system, add more pipes rather than just slowing the water as it will be more time efficient.

Fencing the solar panel on the second and third floor will require a water pump and upgraded one at that. Water pumps with energy enough to accommodate the additional lift forces and can tackle the resistance of the water flow in solar pipes are necessary in this case. Upgrade your pump size by ¼ HP and you are good to go.



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