Swimming pool heaters solar systems for your pool

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Swimming pool heaters solar systems for your pool

The solar heating for your swimming pool can be very cost efficient and can save up a lot of your fuel money or electricity bills. Swimming pool heaters solar systems are the best option what with their low cost, environment friendliness and relatively less needs for servicing. But before you start installing one you need to know about certain things considering swimming pool heater solar systems. Primarily you need to know how they work

Most swimming pool heater solar systems have the following parts

  • A solar Panel – which is a type of solar collector which is the most crucial device set up through which the water will be circulated and heated by solar energy.
  • A pump – A solar pump will circulate water through filter and the collector and the will be directed into pool.
  • A filter – The filter will remove any debris from the water before it is pumped and passed through the collector.
  • Flow control Valve – This is an automatic or a manual device that directs the pool water towards the solar collectors.

The overall working of a solar collector

The glazed collector devices are usually made of copper covering on aluminum plates with iron tempered covering made of glass. This is more costly but during the winter seasons the glazed solar collectors will capture more heat energy with heat exchangers and transfer fluids than the unglazed systems. Therefore these types of swimming pool heater solar systems are more preferable.However, one thing to be kept in mind is that both unglazed and the glazed solar collector system should have a freeze protection as prevention in colder weather.

Select the right Solar pool heater
Consider your budget while considering which solar heater to buy. Other things you need to do for a perfect Swimming pool heaters solar system is

  • Primarily you need to analyze and evaluate the site (location) where you have set up the solar collector. Check its solar resource.
  • Find the ideal system size of your heater and determine its efficiency
  • Harness the collector in the correct direction
  • Lastly, compare costs of different systems




Sizing the Swimming pool heaters solar system

Factors to pay attention to –

  • The pool size
  • The number of months of swimming seasons
  • Ideal pool temperature
  • Solar resource
  • The direction of the solar collector ( its orientation)
  • Use a pool cover to prevent the heat from escaping.
  • The size should be by 50% – 100% of the size of area of pool

Consider your site’s solar resource

Evaluate the efficiency and design of the of the solar pool heater which will be dependent on how much solar energy can reach the collector. Most of swimming pool heating solar systems use both direct and diffuse solar radiation. Thus, even if the place where you live don’t exactly have sunny and warm climate all the time, your site can still gain adequate solar energy needed to heat the pool. If your site is in an open area with an un-shaded area as well, and faces south, more power to you.


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