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Everyone jumps on the Solar Energy Sunshine Coast Solar power Bandwagon

The sunshine coast solar power is just what it says, sunny! The beautiful area is always flooded with sunlight, making it a beautiful abode for the residents of the Sunshine Coast. One rather obvious use of this sunlight has now been realised by the residents of this heaven on Earth, solar power. The Sunshine Coast solar power industry is now booming as a large part of the community decides to switch from coal and gas produced electricity to solar panels on their roof.

Sunshine Coast Solar power

One would believe that this brave effort would be applauded by everyone, especially the Treasurer of Queensland. Alas some people just fail to see the good in the world. Instead he proceeded to call these people opting for Sunshine Coast solar power, “champagne sippers”. Isn’t that rather nice of him?

sunshine coast solar power
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It is disturbing to see people, especially those in positions of power to demean those who are trying to make this world a better place. The Sunshine Coast solar power usage is great as it is reducing the cost of electricity by a landslide. It is also benefitting the environment, as everyone knows that solar power is one of the safest sources of energy, with the previously useless spaces on roofs being used as grounds to start the revolution that may be called the, “Sunshine Coast Solar Power Revolution”, possibly a pebble whose ripples may spread to the rest of the world and actually cause a change that the future generations would be happy to hear about.

It is clear as crystal that the Sunshine Coast Solar Power idea is a great idea, and anyone with even the slightest care for the planet or just their wallets would choose to opt for this. Somehow the Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, believes that he is so far along saving the planet that he has every right to call these, Sunshine Coast Solar Power panel owners, actually owners of solar panels everywhere, “champagne sippers”.

Its rather idyllic that a man is pushing down the effort of an entire community just because of some petty politics on his mind. It is pure idiocy that anyone in their right mind would choose power over sustainability. Well we all know what power does to the mind and it is spreading faster than the filth that floats up from the coal consuming monsters of energy generators.

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Needless to say that the Sunshine Coast solar power panel owners are agitated. They have not only dished out a lot of money to take a beneficial step towards the environment but now they are suffering because some man is incapable of putting aside his greed for power and also is possibly facing an inferiority complex seeing someone else do better than him. It is ironic that those who are ready to help are the ones that are being pushed down.

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