Suburbia of Cornubia

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Solar Power Possibilities for the Suburbia of Cornubia


Situated about 19 miles south east of Brisbane, Cornubia is part dense suburb, part forest reserve and is the candidate for solar power review in this study.

  • Location – Cornubia, part of the local government area of Logan City is situated about 6 miles south east of the city center. The localities of Mount Cotton, Carbrook, Eagleby, Loganholme and Shailer Park border it. The southern border of this locality runs along the Logan River and the entire eastern border runs along the Mount Cotton road. Another important road that connects this area to the Pacific Motorway is the Beenleigh Redland Bay road.


  • Area – Cornubia used to be primarily grass and scrubland when the first settlers came here. Agriculture, animal husbandry and lumber were the main businesses. There are some remnants of these still in the area although now it has primarily developed into suburban real estate. Solar power can thus play a big role in this area.

    Cornubia is also home to two nature reserves, the Cornubia forests and the Cornubia Nature Reserve. This area hosts many native species of flora and fauna and is an important step undertaken by the local government authorities for the preservation of the local ecology.

  • Real Estate – This locality is a suburb with heavier density of houses and people to the southwest where it is littered with many suburban homes. Farms are rare here and mostly are in the northeast. Due to the rate of development houses here fetch around 450,000 to 500,000 Australian Dollars for a typical home.

    This area is primarily meant for suburban living and has very little public transport. Most of the transportation is by car and some buses that ply to Logan City. Despite this, there has been good business in real estate in recent times. There are some upper middle class houses where more exclusive property has been developed these go for much more than the median prices.

    There are also shopping centers, golf courses and good schools and colleges in this area which make it attractive for younger and middle aged families.


The potential for solar power in cornubia is good but has to be extracted with good planning and execution. Most suburban homes would want cost cutting in the long run and hence solar power can be pitched to them as an alternative to complete dependence on the grid. Newer houses should come integrated with some solar panels to incentivize the use of solar power in the area.

Since Cornubia has a large area of land under conservation and the rest is already used for suburban real estate, it would be unfeasible to consideration solar power through large arrays in the area. Here the only space available would be the individual homes, both new and old alike.

Public infrastructure can also be put on solar power which would add up to a significant portion for a suburb like cornubia. Street lights and other public amenities could be entirely powered through this. Commercial establishments could also take advantage of the same and use solar power for atleast the non-essential portions which don’t need massive power supplies.

All of these small steps would add up to a significant portion and help cut down the burning of fossils fuel to power our future need.

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