Is there still a government rebate with solar?

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Solar Power Rebates

Have you jumped onto Google to ask ‘is there still a government rebate with solar in 2014, in Queensland, NSW, or any part of Australia?’ and I expect you were hoping for a good answer. I have good news for you. You are in luck, there is still around $4000 in Australian Solar Trade Certificate contribution towards a 5kw solar power system in Australia.

Solar Power is still worth ‘it’ all over Australia. No matter what State or Territory you are in, if you decide against installing a solar system, or you simply think it’s TOO EXPENSIVE, please give yourself a nice big uppercut as you are a bloody goose!

Is there still a government rebate with solar?

These STC’s are not here forever you know! Hurry up and get a contract signed and deposit paid (we are taking $1 deposits on any residential solar system we sell for customers wanting to pay cash and $0 deposit for customers who wish to pay off a solar system and buy it on finance)

With the MASSIVE HELP of these STC’s, a solar system purchased through us is positively geared when financed over 3 years!


Surely you still can’t be asking questions like;

‘is there still a government rebate with solar?’ or

‘I’m not sure if installing a solar system is right for me?.’

‘if I buy Chinese solar panels and a Chinese inverter, won’t they break soon after install?’

‘Are you sure your company is good to go with? Another Solar salesman said you guys are dodgy!’


We hear these questions far too often. Often these questions are asked by too many times by innocent consumers who just want to be treated with respect and want  a fair-go. A decent price on a system wouldn’t go a stray either.


The good news is here at Queensland Solar & Lighting, we love to answer all questions regarding a solar power install no matter how basic or technical the question may be.

Also, we still won’t mind if you again ask us, ‘is there still a government rebate with solar?’


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