Solar Technology- The Blessing of Renewable Energy

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Solar Technology- The Blessing of Renewable Energy


Modern solar technology has enabled us to conserve power in many delightful ways, and one such way is converting sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are being increasingly used for the purpose of lighting and heating in homes across the globe. Solar heating system is one of the most versatile uses of renewable energy obtained from the conversion of sunlight. This system is popular for not only providing heat to our homes but also efficient in heating pool water.


In solar technology, solar panels are used to convert the rays of the sun into heat energy which is further converted to electricity. So basically it is a handy little contraption that converts energy from one source to another without much hassle. This system is being increasingly used in homes to heat water and provide renewable source of electricity for all purposes.

Solar technology is most popular for the purpose of heating water and there are two ways in which this works:

Pump Circulated System

In a pump circulated solar pool heating system, the storage tank or collector is mounted on the ground and is placed below the solar collectors. A circulating pump carries water or heat transfer fluid between the collectors and tank.

Close Coupled System

In a close coupled water heating system, the storage tank is mounted above the solar collectors installed on the roof. Here there is no pumping required as the water rises into the tank through the thermosiphon flow.


There are only a few probable drawbacks of the solar technology.

  • These systems are designed to provide you with energy for hot water and electricity throughout the year but in Winter, there sometimes might be a lack of sunlight which can lead to a decrease in the delivery of hot water or electricity. In this case the conventional methods of using an electric booster or gas is the only alternative.
  • The upfront cost is relatively high which makes solar technology a bit above the affordability range.
  • Passive solar water heating systems are relatively less efficient.
  • Solar technology used exclusively for water heating require excellent anti freeze and overheating protection.


    When it comes to using renewable energy sources to power up your home, the advantages definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Here are some definite advantages of solar technology:

  • These systems use solar energy which is a free and renewable source of energy.
  • Using solar energy increasingly for our daily needs, reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, which are after all, exhaustible energy sources.
  • In sunny and warm areas the solar technology is incredibly cost effective.
  • Solar technology has comparatively low maintenance cost.
  • Most countries offer attractive incentives on the installation of the solar panels or solar water heaters.
  • Solar technology has long life and an average system can last for up to five to seven years.
  • Solar technology is very easy to install, you can do it yourself by reading the instructions on the manual or by consulting the internet.
  • There is the option of leasing solar panels in many countries, so you don’t even have to buy one to enjoy its benefits.


    Solar technology is representative of the advancement of science and the efforts taken to preserve precious resources by finding alternative sources of energy.


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