Solar System gold coast. PV for houses and commercial businesses in 2014


Solar System for residential housing and Commercial solar for Businesses has been around in Australia for more than a few years now.  Ba

Solar system gold coast
Solar power is being installed at healthy rate in Gold Coast and Brisbane in 2014. Check out this solar system gold coast.

ck just 3 years ago, nearly every state in Australia had MASSIVE Feed in Tariff’s… We are talking 60c Gross in NSW, 44.7c GROSS in ACT!

These lucrative FIT’s only helped the richer get richer, and the less fortunate were still suffering in their 3 bedroom houses with the Heater cranked in winter, Air con Blasting in summer without the financial assistance of a PV solar system.


Then there is just the procrastinators out there… umming and arrring… FOR YEARS, QUOTE AND SALESMEN AFTER MORE QUOTES AND SALESMEN.. Deadset… People that cannot make a decision to save their life.

But in 2014, we can now surely conclude, SOLAR IS STILL WORTH IT, ALWAYS HAS BEEN, ALWAYS WILL BE!! FIT or NOT!


We are still a few years away from the rubbish ‘off-grid’ systems that people want to put on their houses in the middle of the city, with the readily, easily cost-effective availability of ENERGEX GRID POWER..

Yes, electricity is expensive ( QLD is actually cheaper than other states) but get over it! or get solar, or use less power, or turn Amish, or get a 2nd job, change ELEC RETAILERS… Just do something about it… EVERYONE else is in the same boat you realise, you are not being disadvantaged.


So, in 2014 we are already starting to see the same strong demand of solar systems wanting to be installed on houses. This is great news. Solar demand will never stop. It will shrink however, which is also great news for potential customers, as this has filtered out all the dodgy solar sales companies… Gone are the days of people being ripped off when it comes to solar… Some companies… you’re deadset just playing ‘ROOF ROULETTE’ with. I’ve heard to watch out for some solar companies addvertising on TV. The warranties with them are apparently worthless unless you feed them $100 every year for a ‘SERVICE’. Not all


The number of Commercial jobs we are seeing to be doing has flourished! Finally the businesses have caught on, the penny has dropped – SOLAR MAKES COMPLETE SENSE FOR A BUSINESS – Depreciation, Tax, Cheap solar… 35%+ Return on Investment.

We have just booked in quite a few 100kw jobs, just waiting on ERGON and ENERGEX to give the approval with the grid connects and we are ready to work!

If you are a homeowner in 2014, living in Brisbane, and have not yet got at least 20 panels on your roof. Give us a call, and thank us later.   Solar System Gold Coast. Get a 5kw system, or be sensible and get a 6kw system.





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