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Everyone hates paying the electricity bill and are looking for a cheaper electricity supplier. That’s why people shop around for cheaper electricity deals in Brisbane. They also want to install a solar system on their roof. But what if someone is renting? They unfortunately do not have the opportunity to install solar at their property. It’s at the landlords’ discretion. But we all know most of them will not do it though.

Do you have Brisbane’s worst Landlord?

Queensland Solar & Lighting wants to get the message out to both Tenants and Landlords that putting solar power on a rental property can be beneficial to both parties!

Solar systems can be bought for $0 deposit and paid off over just three years. It works out cheaper than paying your electricity bill without solar (Positively-Geared)

We want to promote the message by installing a 6kw Solar system on the roof of Brisbane’s most unfortunate long-term tenant’s home!
We expect this system to save the tenants around $2000 per year on their electricity bills, and as for Landlord, well they will get a free Solar System on their roof – They’d be loving it too! (The Tight-Arse)

INSTRUCTIONS TO ENTER: Free Solar System Giveaway

We want to get this underway as soon as possible so on Saturday, the 23rd May, we will announce who the lucky tenant will be.

Make comment on this page below or on the Facebook page about why you have Brisbane’s worst Landlord and what a Solar System on your roof would mean for you!

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  • The house must be built after 1990 and can have a tin or tile roof.
  • It can be Single or Double-Storey
  • Must have Single-Phase power – Can send us a picture of your electrical meter box
  • Landlord must consent to solar system being installed
  • Should there be any other meter box or electrical upgrades needed it will be paid by tenant or landlord
  • 25 year performance warranty on solar panels, 10 years on workmanship & install, and 10 years on inverter will still apply.
  • House roof must be able to fit 20 x 330w Solar panels on it
  • House must be within 50klms of Brisbane CBD and on the Energex network.
Qld Solar and Lighting at the Growatt factory in China
We are going to hook you up with a Growatt inverter also.

We understand we will get many tenants expressing interest so what we will do is pick what we believe is the Top 10, put their names in a QLD Solar & Lighting hat and draw the lucky one from that.
Best of luck!

Daniel – C.E.O


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