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Solar Power Canberra

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Solar Power Canberra


In the recent years, solar energy has picked up fast growth in Australia. The weather of Australia which is dry with lot of sunshine throughout the year makes it ideal for the shift to Solar energy as compared to conventional electricity.

The Australian government has also come up with many attractive schemes for encouraging the move to solar energy. Some of them being:

  1. Rebate schemes for getting solar installations done
  2. Solar Credit Program for moving to Solar and getting points credited for Renewable energy
  3. Feed in tariffs which will give a reduction in electricity bill when excess solar is generated and fed back into the grids.

Solar Power Canberra districts

In Canberra, many residential and commercial buildings have moved to Solar with hundreds of successful installations done. In 2013, Canberra got a nod to built the largest solar farm in Australia which will have a 20 megawatt capacity.

This will significantly reduce the carbon emissions and also be able to supply energy to power more than four thousand homes. Solar power is definitely here to stay and make a positive impact to energy consumption in Canberra.

Advantages of going Solar

1)    Drastically brings down the electricity bill

2)    Cost in investing in a Solar panel can be easily recovered over a short period of time

3)    Helps the environment by reducing use of fossil based energy sources

4)    Government offers incentives for moving to solar which can be availed

5)    Excess solar energy generated and fed back into grid can become a source of revenue

6)    Solar systems come with long term reliability and guarantee on performance

7)    Using solar water heaters are a great way of reducing energy spent on water heating

QLD Solar and Lighting – Canberra Services – install around Yass also

QLD Solar and Lighting is a Solar panel distributer which started off with services in Queensland and have now moved to all states in Australia. Their services range from offering the best design solutions for Solar Systems to actual installations.

QLD has done an indepth research on the best panels and inverters available and makes sure that they offer the best in class recommendations to their customers. All their products cater to the certified standards in Australia.

They offer their services across the length and breadth of Solar Services. They have experience in installing Solar panels and inverters for residential and commercial building and have an impressive clientele across Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria and of course in Canberra.

If you are looking towards seeking a solar solution for your residential or commercial buildings, QLD Solar and Lighting can help design the best solution with maximum return on investment.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting – solar power Canberra

While there are many players today in the solar field in Australia, QLD offers some benefits over the others:

  1. Use only leading and top quality German and Chinese products
  2. Fast installation within a fourteen day timeframe
  3. Excellent customer service round the clock
  4. Have a qualified team of electricians and specialists
  5. Offer cost effective pricing
  6. Solar power canberra is where we have vast experience with ACTpla installing. Dont worry about the job we can do

Call us 0756363692 or email

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