Solar power Brisbane – JULY 2015 Market update

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All over the place… things are changing. The falling AUSSIE DOLLAR has finally seen prices starting to come back up from their crazy lows 3 months ago.

Brisbane solar companies:

However, some solar companies in Brisbane are advertising a 6kw solar system for $2000!! – That is off it’s head, and so far from the truth it’s not funny. You call them up and ask them about the $2000 deal and they soon tell you that you need to ‘pay for installation on top of that’ – making the system cost the same as all others advertised, but very clever and misleading marketing.


We have seen less micro inverter solar panels on the market also. Installers must have gotten the shits installing this stuff, especially on houses that don’t need it. It’s just too much work and too many inverters waiting to fail.

JFY inverters are starting to become a bit of a problem with their after-sale service. Growatt style.

We don’t know where to go for our Chinese inverter option, perhaps SMA Zeversolar (have they cleaned their act up?) or give Sungrow a go? Apparently the Sungrow Solar inverter is the most manufactured solar inverter to come out of China, but it has seldom been sold in Australia. however, it remains popular in the European market.

what else is going on?

The 6kw Jinko / German SMA inverter special package we have on sale for $5900 is still the most  popular, and rightly so. Fantastic JINKO Tier 1 solar panels, with an SMA Inverter, made in Germany accompanied with a 10 year Manufacturers warranty. You cannot go past this deal for a well-priced, affordable 6kw premium solar system sold in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We are still seeing solar power companies in Brisbane head into receivership. I think in this industry, we will forever see it.


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