Solar pool heater cost

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                               Solar pool heater cost

Welcome to this article that deals with solar pool heater cost.  We shall give you a detailed idea on the various dimensions and expenses on installing a solar pool heater in your office or at your home. A solar pool heater cost for residential purposes can range anywhere within $2500 to $7000. There are various components that basically determine the cost of purchase and the installation, they are the size and location of the pool, location of the solar panels, desired temperature and season and the type of pool equipment.

  • Overall it is virtually not possible to give you the accurate estimate without careful inspection of the site. Although you can be assured of the fact that installation of a solar pool heater will let you use the pool for a longer duration. Maintenance cost related to pool heating are also minimised once you install a solar pool heater when compared to other conventional pool heaters like the ones that use electricity or gas.

What can be the approximate solar pool heater cost?

Basically the size and the type of heating system involved determine the approximate expense you have to shell out when you are installing a solar pool heater. The smallest size of the available system is one hundred litres per day, which means that this system shall deliver one hundred litres of hot water in a day at sixty degree centigrade. A system with a 100 lpd capacity is enough to cater a family of four or five members. A complete installation of a solar pool heater may cost anywhere around Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 (Indian currency) provided the installation is done in the planes. When installed in the hilly regions, the cost may go up by almost twenty percent. This cost however excludes the price of the cold water tank and the stand upon which it should be mounted. The cost of heat insulated pipes may also go up if there is more than one bathroom. To have a better idea it shall be wise to install an additional five to ten percent extra expenses towards the installation and purchase of these additional components.

Does the Government provide any subsidy?

As a scheme of encouraging the use of renewable energy and to aid investments in solar power industry, governments from all across the world are providing a varied range of subsidy which can start anywhere from thirty to almost sixty percent.

  • Subsidies for general categories provide all types of beneficiaries that include anything around thirty percent subsidy on capital or even loans at low interests of five percent are available on eighty percent of the benchmark prices.
  • Subsidies are also available for special categories like the domestic and non commercial categories that are not availing accelerated depreciation. They are in general liable for a sixty percent subsidy or affordable loans for as low as five percent on eighty percent of the benchmark price.
  • Subsidies are also available for special category commercial users who can get a subsidy of thirty percent on the capital cost or loan at five per cent on the eighty percent of the benchmark price.

On a conclusive note, to get an idea on the savings that you make when you install a solar pool heater is that a 100 litre capacity system can save almost 1500 units of electricity per year or almost 140 litres of diesel in a year.

Thank you for reading this article that elaborates the solar pool heater cost.


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