Solar panels used in solar Heating Swimming Pools

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Types of Solar panels used in solar Heating Swimming Pools

Solar heating swimming pools is considered one of the best ways of controlling the hazardous contamination of the planet by bio-fuels. Solar energy reduces pollutant emissions. Today, energy consumption is moving towards a sustainable development model that favors renewable energy sources .Solar is on the headway in domestic electrical use, pool heating and many other applications.

A brief description of the different construction types of solar panels used in solar heating swimming pools will help consumers to make conscious and reasoned choices. Your choice of panels for Solar Heating Swimming Pool must be based on the specific requirements of each type of panel.

In fact, the differences (of construction technologies, materials used, cost, etc.), between different panels serve to provide adequate solutions to the different needs of users. They also serve to get them customized to different conditions of installation and use in solar heating swimming pools.

The types and characteristics of some of the panels used in solar heating swimming pools

  1. Flat solar collectors:   This classic solar panel (flat plate collector with cover) absorbs energy from the The selective plate solar collectors have been treated electro-chemically. They have a black surface with high absorption coefficient and low coefficient of reflection, which allows good performance even during the winter months. They are the best type used in solar heating swimming pools.


  1. Vacuum solar collectors: Vacuum solar collectors are designed to reduce heat dispersion In fact, the heat captured by each element (vacuum tube) is usually transferred to the copper plate that is within the tube. In this way the heat carrier liquid is heated and, through the vacuum, heat dispersion outwards is minimized. Vacuum panels for solar heating swimming pools have optimum performance during all months of the year. They are particularly suitable for installation in areas of medium-low, even heat stroke harsh weather conditions.


  1. Solar panels with integrated reservoir: In panels with integrated tank heat absorbers and buffer tanks, solar energy reaches directly and heats the water accumulated. Through convective movement, (the principle that water tends to warm up and cool down), the heat captured is distributed to the whole mass of water. These compact solar collectors, consisting of a single block, are easy to transport and easy to install. Its cost is relatively low too.


  1. Solar panels without covers: In solar panels without glass covering, the water goes directly into the tubes of the panel, where the sun’s heat directly makes it ready for use. They are suitable in summer for solar heating swimming pools They are also used to provide hot water for the showers of spa facilities, on site, etc. However, they are not suitable for solar heating swimming pools in an environment with a temperature of at least 20 ° C when you need to produce hot water at about 40 ° C. The good thing about it is that its cost is quite low and its installation is so simple that you can perform it yourself.



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