Solar Panels for Pools on different roof types

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Considerations to be made when installing Solar Panels for Pools on different roof types and environments

Solar panels for pools, also known as solar collectors, are used to capture energy from the sun. Through photo-thermal conversion, it produces heat.  This energy is sent to a heat transfer fluid circulating within the same manifold or heat pipe. The main feature that identify the quality of a solar panels for pools efficiency is the ability to convert the solar energy into thermal energy

A solution for every situation

All buildings that have a sunny space (slanted roof, roof type roof, garden, etc.) can have solar panels for pools installed on them. Theinstallation costismuchlower when it is easier toaccess theseplaces of installation.

Special attention should be given to the best location of the solar panels for pools. You have to choose the position that offers the best solar irradiation but also the most accessible and less critical to the anchors areas, as it saves on installation costs. It’s better if solar panels are facing south, with a tolerance of deviation east or west of 30 ° and an inclination of about 35-40 ° to the horizontal plane.

Proper considerations should be taken when installing solar panels for pools in the following roof types, locations and buildings:

  • In buildings under construction: It is best to design new homes thinking of all connections and requirements for the installation of solar panels for pools. Proper location of the solar panels in the building allows maximum performance with minimum installation expense. Solar panels for pools can be installed in all buildings: from individual communities to chalet owners, depending on how the building had been prepared for the installation.


  • In houses with tiled roofs: You must first ascertain the roof orientation. The most advantageous position is south facing. In any case, you can install solar panels for pools on the roof even if you are facing southeast or southwest. It is important that the roof has a slope of at least 35 ° to the horizontal plane. Care should be taken so that in any month of the year, there are no shadows covering the panel from sunlight.


  • In homes with terrace roof type: The installation of solar panels for pools on a terrace roof type is the easiest. It offers security to orient the solar collector to the south (except eventual shadows), with the optimal tilt minimizes installation costs and allows easy maintenance


  • In the garden: Among the different areas in which you can install a solar system is the garden. Your home always has a green area not covered by the shadow in different months. Where possible, the installation of the solar panels for pools in the garden is the best solution because it is easy to perform and inexpensive

Solar panels for pools – Warm water even without sunshine anytime

The solar panel produces hot water throughout the day in the sunshine and, to a lesser extent, also in the cloudy sky. Therefore, in order to have warm water whenever it is essential, use solar radiation complementary solutions from solar panels for pools.

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