Solar Heated Swimming Pool

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Solar Heated Swimming Pool – Luxury at Minimal Costs

A solar heated swimming pool makes use of solar energy and can have as much as good two decades of operation. The benefits of a solar heated swimming pool are numerous. It provides luxuriously warm water for all the family members. It also extends your swimming season, making you to enjoy your investment.

On the other hand, solar pool heating can be integrated to provide hot water for other domestic uses. With the level of contaminants increasing geometrically as a result of fossil fuels and gas, a solar heated swimming pool is one way of reducing and combating the trend.

Save the habitat – use a solar heated swimming pool

The trees are still felled without discrimination. Animals and plants are going extinct at the speed of 5000 species per year, 10 000 times higher than natural selection.  This is all for the human need to procure fuel to improve their habitat.  A human being loves a warm pool and will do all it takes to make it warm.

The use of alternative energy like wind, small hydro (waterfalls), biomass (nature), geothermal (volcanoes) – and solar energy are a much cleaner option one can adopt to enjoy a  Solar heated swimming pool.

Of all these energies, solar has the largest application because of its ease of harvesting.  The main application of solar energy in this case includes thermal type. Nothing to fancy: light energy, through various mechanisms, can be transformed into heat used in a solar heated swimming pool.

Why solar heated swimming pools are popular

The hot water systems and solar heated swimming pools are requested for more frequently every day. Although one of the reasons for resistance to their use is the economic factor, people become aware and see that their money will not be wasted once they incorporate solar energy in a solar heated swimming pool. The Heliocol system, for example, although expensive, can last more than 20 years

Heliocol-the best system for use in a solar heated swimming pool


Heliocol, though expensive, is an economically viable system.  The money you spend on it pays for itself in about three years because the system has a lifespan of more than 20 years. Eventually, the money spent is an investment.  With an added bonus, Heliocol warrants 10 years.

Why wait today? Enjoy solar heated showers for camping and spas

The supply of hot water for showers in the camping and spas is an increasingly requested service, and the supply of these facilities is constantly becoming popular. In these situations, it is possible to take very special solar panels, made of plastic (polypropylene) and incorporate them in the solar heated swimming pool systems.  They consist of tubes with circular cross section, which circulates the water that is heated by sunlight.

The solar installation is quite simple: it consists of a system of forced circulation and deposit accumulation. The cold water is sent by a pump into the panels, heated and accumulated in the tank, ready for use. If you didn’t know that a solar heated swimming pool would greatly pay, acquire a solar pool heating system today.

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