Renewable energy given credit for 70% carbon dioxide emission reduction

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70% of CO2 emission reduction due to renewable energy :

Renewable energy and implemented energy efficiency measures have finally accomplished a quite uncertain possibility in the recent days. According to a report by Greenpeace, there has been a carbon emissions have taken a 70% dip in the US since 2007. The credits go to renewable energy and implemented energy efficiency measures over the last few years.


However the detractors of renewable energy want to steal limelight by putting forward other arguments. According to them the drop in carbon dioxide emissions are a result of natural gas boom more popularly known as the fracking boom. It has very less or nothing to do with renewable energy although the statistics say otherwise.

Greenpeace analysis:

Lauri Myllyvirta, energy analyst at Greenpeace has cracked all the pertaining figures and published them at the Greenpeace Energydesk at the website. A precise result has been obtained as to find out the genuine reasons behind this rapid drop that has taken place.

Carbon emissions in the US had fell significantly by 16% between 2007 and 2013. This coincided with the drop in coal consumption by 21% around the same period. It also happened to be the time during which natural gas saw a rise by 23% simultaneously.

This rise was then continuously sung by proponents of fracking boom disregarding the role of renewable energy in bringing the downfall of carbon dioxide emissions. The reality of the picture remains something else. The drop had certainly more to do with renewables than just the natural gas boom.

The supposed climate benefits of fracking boom were transformed into a huge selling point. However all the myths were finally busted by compelling new evidence. As declared publicly by Myllyvirta, the results have proved the extent to which cleaner alternatives of energy have reduced carbon dioxide emissions very clearly. The fracking rush has very little to do with it as per the statistics.

According to Climate Progress, the Energydesk study also did not mention any leakage of methane that may occur from the natural gas industry’s infrastructure. Methane is much more dangerous as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide which eventually makes natural gas more harmful than good. In the longer run natural gas may not even feature in any more surveys like these by Greenpeace.

Multiple studies suggest that leakage is so bad that it completely undoes any climate advantage. And a new study published by Nature last Wednesday concluded that, due to the absence of an efficient regulatory check on those leaks, burning more natural gas won’t work as a method to curb global warming.  The leakage issue is something that people should stop running away from. It is a crude reality that needs to be digested with the argument for natural gas.

Methane gas leakage:

It is quite evident now that natural gas production results in massive methane leakage which makes natural gas only half as bad as coal gets us into all sorts of problems. As Jeff Spross of Climate Progress suggests, it’s actually unclear if natural gas offers any climate benefit at all. Finally it is the cleaner technologies and renewable energy which deserve their credit of offering the most effective solutions to global climate change.

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