What is the Queensland Solar Tariff? 8c, 16c, or 44c?

Solar power – Queensland solar tariff

Queensland solar tariff, all the talk about solar yield has been around for a long time. The Queensland solar tariff is now 8 cents feed-in. This is Mandatory and regulated by the Queensland Government. This 8c is offered both in Energex and Ergon areas.


queensland solar tariff
Queensland solar tariff makes you plenty of money – Big or small.




However, in Energex areas, Consumers have the luck of their Electricity retailer (of their choice) offering a further Feed-in rate on top of the mandatory 8c. for example, AGL gives an extra 6c, Origin Electricity gives an extra 8 c, and Click Energy Brisbane gives an extra 10 cents, making it a very nice 18 cents feed-in tariff.

How Long will this last?


1st July 2014 is when it is reportedly all due to expire. However, they annually review it. So who knows if they are going to extend it past this time… I doubt they will, especially since the retailers are handing out a bonus rate. More so than they are in New South Wales. There is no Feed-in Tariff down there, except the measly 6c that the retailers offer.

The prices of PV Solar systems in Brisbane, and Gold coast are so cheap these days.  You would be mad not to jump in and throw one on your roof. grab yourself a 2.5-year return of investment while you can!


It’s not all about the Queensland solar tariff anyway. It’s all bout the raw price of electricity, and what you are paying for it. Today we are now paying 29.5c inclusive of GST in Queensland. This is set to go up a further 15% or something this year. Isn’t that some bullshit?!

But it is, and the trend says the price of electricity has now doubled in just 4 years. Crazy. Sounds not true? Check it out. It’s real. Remember getting a $500 electricity bill and upping your teenage children for the rent because of all the power and long showers they were taking? The truth is, you didn’t know how good you had it. That $500 bill is now nearing the $1000 mark.

Stop procrastinating and get a solar system. You NEED ONE! Get a Rocket up ya, give me a call, and I will get one on your roof within the month.



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