Brass Hex Reducing Nipple 20mm x 15mm

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Brass Hex Reducing Nipple 20mm x 15mm

Brass fittings comprise a wide range of pipe attachments, threaded fasteners and flare fittings. Due to its exceptional rust-resistance, hardness, durability and flexibility, brass is widely used in plumbing applications, and most pipe fittings are available in brass.

Direct Wholesale stocks a wide range of brass fittings including: Bushes, Connectors, Elbows, Extensions, Flared Compressions, Hose Cocks, Kinco Nuts, Nipples, Plugs, Reducers, Sockets, Tee’s, Union’s & Wall Elbows.

Made by industry leading manufacturers you can walk away from your job knowing that Direct Wholesale supplied you with the best fittings on the market.


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