Oz Land letting in some sunshine

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Solar power in Australia is a relatively new concept but has gained considerable attention over the last decade. Australia is a land of the sun and can easily harness solar energy all year round. This southern hemisphere state is currently producing about 4100 megawatts of installed photovoltaic solar energy and there is tremendous activism going on for it to reach its full potential.

The rest of the world has already made huge advancement in the field of solar energy. Even major fossil fuel exporting countries like Saudi Arabia, have started making heavy investments in renewable power. The “peak oil” era has approached and smart investors are beginning to place their bets on solar power as the best alternative to the pollution creating fossil fuel sector.

Oz Land letting in some sunshine:


Like most world governments, the Aussie powerhouses in Canberra have accepted the need to switch to solar power and the Centre for Policy Development in Australia has come out with a ‘landmark’ study. This study however has only highlighted the points that were already being pursued by clean energy activists for a very long time. Nevertheless, government acknowledgement is bound to create a nation-wide stir on the topic and make people more proactive.

The report has highlighted a few key points. One of these is that the nation is bound to be hit hard by the soaring electricity charges. There is an urgent need felt to take steps and curb this nuisance. In the modern world, as pointed out in the report, alternative renewable energy sources are being adopted.

Since the sun is in abundance in the land Down Under, it is the most obvious choice. Many homes have installed solar panels and made an effort to not only cut down on bills but also save the environment. The report mentions that “if” taken up by companies, solar energy could help slash down electricity prices. This particular point was merely stating the obvious.

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Also, expert author Laurie Eadie who was also the chief influencer of the report has made an interesting point of ulterior motives. She says that the vested interests of companies in using fossil fuels cannot be discounted. Just like the infamous Koch Brothers of the United States, Australia too has its devil’s advocates who support the use of environment disrupting fossil fuels.

In order to make the proposed solar energy available to all households in the land, the rooftop model has been suggested. This model is recommended to all an efficient transition from coal and oil to a clean and reliable form of energy. The government must come up with policies that are customized to propagate the installations of rooftop solar panels all over the country.

While these ideas cannot claim to original or novel, the manner of their portrayal has certainly improved. The government is being seriously lobbied into making policies that are favorable for large scale utility solar projects. Also reasonably priced and affordable rooftop energy is the goal that the CPD is trying to achieve.

With the keen interest of the government, and visibly proactive associations in favor of the trending solar power, the energy market structure in Australia is going to witness some major power shifts really soon.


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