Queenslanders with 44c Feed In Tariff need to act NOW!

On the 25th of June last year, it was announced by the Campbell Newman Government that any application to Energex for the QLD Solar bonus Scheme will no longer be accepted from the 10th July, 2012.

Some 50,000+ applicants scrambled and RACED to get their application in time, as it was also announced that the applications put in prior to 10th July, 2012 were good to be approved, as long the successful applicant had their system installed and grid connected prior to 1st July, 2013.

With it now being the middle of February, this leaves (on my Calendar) just 4 and a half months left for the better part of the 50,000+ Grid connect approval papers to be shuffled, searched and found amongst last years ‘to-do next year’ pile of paperwork as I will bluntly put it, ‘Sir/Madam, you are RUNNING OUT OF TIME!’

For the last two weeks, Companies selling solar are experiencing day-by-day growth in potential customers enquiring about installing a system as they don’t want to miss out on not having a system installed come 1st July 2013.

People who are hoping to get their 44c F.I.T system installed by the deadline this year (in 4  1/2 months) must understand that there simply is not enough solar installers, time and solar product in Australia to have HALF of the systems connected to the grid.

Just like 10th July 2012, many people missed out on the approval to be eligible for a 44c Feed-In-Tariff.  Sadly, but realistically, there will be tens of thousands who once again ‘missed the boat’. Let that be a procrastinator this time, not You!

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