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Taking the right move:

With all the talk to the big switch to renewable energy, if you are one of the smart ones betting your money on solar power, I’d have to say good decision. After decades of struggling solar energy is finally getting the attention and appreciation that it actually deserves. Numerous households have installed PV systems and adopted the rooftop model. If you are next in line, it becomes imperative for you to know what you’re doing.

Just because you support renewable energy doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything about it. You do know that solar power is more eco-friendly than fossil fuels and that you should make the shift soon, but the question is how? Which solar panels are good and which are the not so efficient ones. Which one will be most compatible for your needs? You will find lists of solar panels rated online but how will you decide?


The reviews you find online might not be extremely reliable or honest. The simple reason for this is the amount of time and effort that goes into properly testing a panel. It takes at least a year to perfectly examine and assess solar panels. Not just time but a lot of monetary commitment goes into getting the appropriate hardware for the process.

Not everyone can give this sort of commitment to testing solar panels but fortunately, someone can. The personnel at the reputed Photon magazine have taken up this initiative and set up a project in Germany. The project involved 151 different brands of solar panels that have been spread out on a field and their energy outputs and working are carefully studied throughout the year.


Though all countries do not have weather conditions similar to that of the Deutschland, it is a rough assessment of how the panels will perform (relatively). You can always go with the classics but today I’d like to draw your attention to a relatively new brand which is almost as amazing. If you are new to the world of solar power it is obvious that you haven’t come across the “Trina” brand.


Cutting to the chase, how do the panels perform? Brilliantly! The performance ratio of these panels is 90.1% which is the hallmark in solar panel efficiencies. This means basically that a 300W panel would function like a 270W panel. Is that a good thing? Of course it is! Its temperature coefficient is also a marvellously nearly zero number (-0.41%C) which is as good as it gets in the industry.

Now speaking of the big guns and classics, there are some that in spite of all this performance of Trina will beat it with energy production due to other technological advancement. However, not one of them will be as pocket-friendly as Trina. For warmer temperatures too this newbie brand will perform wonders and for all you folk who do not have too many extra dollars to splurge, it will definitely be the better choice.

Now that you’ve read this assessment, go on and buy yourself your new solar panel.

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