The Abbott government is expected to announce the findings of the Renewable Energy Target (RET) review within the week.


The review is expected to result in the immediate removal of the current Small scale Trading Certificates (STC’s) which will effectively add $1,178 to the cost of a 1.5kW up to $3,914 on the cost of a 5kW Solar system.


This will have the effect of pushing the cost of clean energy further out of reach for most families as well as put a big smile on the face of every power company boss in the country.


QLD Solar and Lighting is offering to sign up all of their current customers enquiring about a system and those still undecided on a $1.00 contract.


This means that by having a legal contract in place, and having paid a deposit the government will still have to honour the STC portion of the contract. Customers will effectively secure the rebate on the price of their system for only a dollar.


Should the customer then decide not to proceed, if they cancel the contract within 10 days they will have their $1.00 returned in full, should they cancel after the 10 day cooling off period then they will only lose $1.00.


With so many “cowboy operations” set to go out of business with the removal of the rebate, customers are advised to choose the company they make any rushed decisions with carefully as the maintenance and warranty situation will also be affected.


Queensland Solar and Lighting is an electrical contractor dealing in Solar, Air-Conditioning, major electrical works and lighting, and where the removal of the STC’s is expected to slow down the solar market our expansion into the pre-paid meters and rental property solar market is expected to buffer the effects of the rebate removal.


We are confident that we will still be around and servicing our customers and offering our help and assistance to the customers of other companies who have not prepared for this eventuality.


To secure your $1.00 contract and protect yourself against the loss of this rebate please give me a call as soon as possible.

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