Jolywood Solar Panels Review


Hey guys! It’s Alan Kemp! Once again from Queensland Solar and Lighting, and right now we are going to get into Jolywood Solar panels. We are going to be doing a little bit of a Jollywood Solar Panels Review.
I know you’ve into this video because you pumped into Google: “Jolywood Solar Panels Review” because you’ve been given a Cheep solar quote using the Jolywood Panels.

It SHOULD be cheep. And you’re probably saying to yourself: “WHAT IS JOLYWOOD! It sounds like Bollywood from india or something.” That’s what they want you to think. And that what everyone was thinking a few years ago in the market. Also known as JW. We’ve sold them and there aren’t many left in 2023.


Jolywood Solar Technology company is in Australia, contrary to what you may believe. They claim to be the largest N-type bifacial solar cell. Witch is crazy becuase the bottom side of roof is just darkness. We tried them out and it’s about any other solar panel.
Spain and China also have these solar panels. A LOT of the solar wholesalers sell these solar panels as well. I also found a magazine that claims they are the most efficient solar panel but remember to always take it with a grain of salt.

have a look at Jolywood, definitely consider them if you are looking for panels. I think we’ll be stocking these, we sold them before, and we’ll see them again.




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