Is there a ray of hope for Clean Energy Finance Corporation?

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Clean energy finance corporation’s hope:

As you must have thought by now that the new government’s measures against renewable energy were over, a small hope has come for its escape. Has it or has not? In this article I will talk about the showcasing of Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and the uncertainty it has stirred.


The ray of small hope has comes in an uncanny form from a man called Arthur “Svengali” Sinodinos, who is remembered by many as being of the inner pack that worked with John “carbon tax” Howard, the noted Ex-PM of Australia.

ABC radio program:

On ABC Radio, the now Senator Sinodinos commented that he was blissful to “review” the works of Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The exact words that he uttered were that “I would go through the CEFC’s annual report and have another look into that matter”.

The review was requested by Jillian Broadbent, the chair of Clean Energy Finance Corporation, who has requested the government to take another look at Clean Energy Finance Corporation’s figures. On this week’s ABC Breakfast, Broadbent said that Clean Energy Finance Corporation has raised $2.2 billion of private capital and has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 4 million tonnes on 39 clean energy investments programs. That is quiet an impressive number if you consider only 18 months of work!

If you consider my opinion, there is not a more practical prime minister than Johnny Howard. His unsure moves towards carbon price were indeed revolutionary for the time. But if he were a cabinet minister now and put forward a similar dissident tax, he would have been let out of the cabinet room.

Howard listened to no staff members other than Arthur Sinodinos.  He was Howard’s chief of staff from 1997 to 2006. During this period, he is credited with having tremendous influence in the making of Coalition policy. So it might be possible that Johnny is influencing Sinodinos to inverse the Clean Energy Finance Corporation scrapping.

I want to make it very clear here that I don’t possess any evidence that the above guesswork is true. But Coalition older members such as Johnny will know that Tony Abbott is not one of the sharpest knives in the political drawer.  So it is quite possible that he needs some “counselling” in certain matters. One of them being the retention of a profitable Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Or it might be that the press wrongly grasped these statements? It was announced in haste by the office of the assistant treasurer that the entire remnant of Rudd/Gillard tax will be neutralised from the history including the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

And if you are willing to listen to my crazy theory, no comments have been made by Howard in the support of Clean Energy Finance Corporation. As well as the statement by Sinodinos asserted that all Coalition election promises will be credited.


That doesn’t mean we cannot dream? The old Howard/Sinodinos coalition is still a hope with respect to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation? Or is it just a part of the oncoming mayhem?


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